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About 11.5 inches long

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Q: How long is a official NFL football?
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What is official pro football used in NFL?

Wilson is the official football.

How wide is a NFL football field?

The official width of an NFL football field is 160 feet.

Is there a difference in value between official NFL football with autograph or a replica football?

Probably so. The Official NFL football is about $90.00 without autographs compared to a replica which isn't quite so expensive.

What city and state are NFL footballs made?

The NFL's official footballs are only made at the Wilson Football Factory in Ada, Ohio.

What is wording on all NFL helmets?

Riddell-The official football helmet of the NFL

How wide is an NFL field?

The official width of an NFL football field is 160 feet.

What is name ball American football?

Wilson is the manufacturer and brand of the official NFL football.

What is the official size of an NFL football field?

The official size of an NFL football field is 360 feet or 120 yards in length endzone to endzone and 160 feet or 53 1/3 yards in width.

Where can one get the latest NFL football scores?

The latest NFL football scores are available from many different sources. The most reliable source for up to date NFL scores come from the official NFL website.

How wide is an NFL football field?

The official width of an NFL football field is 160 feet.

Where can one find games about NFL Fantasy Football?

One can found games about NFL Fantasy Football online by searching for it online on the internet. The best way is to find games of NFL is by visiting the NFL official website.

Where can one purchase official NFL football shirts or jerseys?

Official NFL merchandise can be purchased from the NFL official website. It can also be obtained from the individual team's site. Places like Walmart often sell local team's gear.

How does the clock start and stop in an NFL Football game?

There is an official timekeeper at each NFL game and he coordinates with the referees.

Is there a difference between an official NCAA standard size football and an official NFL standard size football and if so what is the difference?

There is a difference. NFL footballs are larger, longer and heavier. NCAA footballs are smaller, shorters and lighter.

How many dots are on a football?

there are actually 5979 dots on a football ACTUALLY There are exactly 5398 dots on a NFL Official Sized football. The answer above is actually correct, there are 5398 dots on a NFL football.

What is the average size of an official NFL game ball?

A NFL football shall be 11 to 11.25 inches in length, between 28 to 28.5 inches at its long circumference, and between 21 and 21.25 inches at its short circumference.

What football do the NFL use?

The NFL uses the Wilson official game ball, called "The Duke". Each one has the signature of the current NFL commissioner stamped on to it.

What do each of the referees in football do?

Click on the 'Duties of NFL Officials' link on this page to read the official NFL explanation of the duties of the officials.

What are the differences between an official NCAA football and an official NFL football?

Comparison of NCAA and NFL footballThe NCAA footall has white half stripes and some have team logls. The NFL football does not have strpes and has the commissioner's signature.They are both the same size and weight.The football is an oblong sphere and is 11 to 11.5 inches (28 to 29 centimeters) long. It has a lengthwise circumference of about 28.5 inches (72.4 centimeters) and a widthwise circumference of about 21.5 inches (54.6 centimeters) in the middle of the ball.

What type of balls do they use in an official football game?

They use the Wilson F1100 "The Duke" Official NFL Football. You can find them online here:

What is the value of an official NFL autograped Brian Ulacher football?

Between $350-$500

Where can I find the schedule for the football team the Bengals?

The Cincinnati Bengals are a football team that play in the NFL. One can find a schedule on the team's website, ESPN, CBS Sports and the official NFL website.

How much are nfl pro set football cards worth?

How much is the official NFL card Joe Montana XIX super bowl

Did eddie long play football?

Not in the NFL

How long is each quarter of an NFL football game?

Each quarter in the NFL is exactly 15 minutes long.