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you would have to hurdle over 10 hurdles

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Q: How many hurdles would you jump in a 400 meter hurdle race?
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How many hurdles would you jump in a 60 meter hurdle race?

You would hurdle 5 . (not jump) !

How many hurdles would you jump in a 100 meter hurdle race?


What are the rules of the 110 meter hurdles?

You start at the starting line which is 45ft away from the first hurdle and when you jump the first hurdle you have nine more to jump which are 30ft apart. You are allowed to hit/knock down the hurdle, but your not allowed to push down the hurdles with your hands.

How many hurdles would you jump in a 100 meter hurdles race.?

10.The first hurdle is set 13 meters from the starting line. The next 9 are set 8.5 meters from each other. The finish line is 10.5 meters from the last hurdle.

What do hurdlers where?

Hurdlers hurdle on a track they jump over hurdles

What is the track event where runners jump an obstacle?

60 meter hurdles 100 meter hurdles (Woman) 110 meter hurdles (Men) 400 meter hurdles

What is a race were runners jump an obstacle?

200 meter hurdles, 400 meter hurdles, 3000 meter steeplechase

In Zelda ocarina of time for the n64 how do you jump the bigger of the 2 hurdles to get your hourse?

to jump the bigger of the two hurdles position epona so that she is a ways away from the hurdle then run straight at the hurdle and use your carrots to speed up use at least three when you are nearing the hurdle when you are about to hit it epona will jump it.

How do you use the word hurtle in a sentence?

1. hurdle: a problem or difficulty you must deal with before you can acheive something * Our first hurdle was finding enough money to fund the research. * Just to get this far, Selena has overcome several hurdles. 2. hurdle: something you jump over while running * Joanie hurtled the fence and ran down the street. 3. the hurdles: a race in which the runners must jump over hurdles * She won on gold medal in the woman's 100-meter hurdles.

Race where runners jump an obstacle?

A race where the runners jump over something is called a hurdle. There can be short and long hurdles.

What do you do in the 110 meter hurdles?

You run as fast as you can, jump over the hurdles, without to hit them.

Who is the inventor of hurdles?

American Alvin Kraenzlein developed what became the modern technique and used it at the 1900 Olympics, where he won the 110- and 200-meter hurdle events, as well as the 60-meter dash and the long jump.

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