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"Female gymnasts in the USAG program, which is the most widely-practiced program in the USA, practice anywhere from 9 to 25 or more hours a week. In the compulsory levels 4 - 6, which are the intermediate levels, girls generally practice around 12 hrs per week, usually on 3 or 4 days. Gymnasts in the optional 7 - 10 levels, which are very advanced and dangerous, practice 20 or more hours a week, and may go to the gym every day except Sunday.

Gymnasts who train for the Olympics and international competitions may not attend regular school and practice 5 or 6 hours a day, every day, which comes out to more than 30 hours a week. Gymnastics, figure skating, and diving are among the sports which involve the most time and money poured into the sport, and interestingly enough, the sports with the least financial return. Professional gymnasts do not get rich from their athletic careers, unlike Baseball players and the like."

"aaaaaahh... this is always a fun one to talk about(sarcastic). Well, since i am an elite gymnast, we do TONS of strength training in our class. we do lik 45 minute drills where we do 100 situps and pushups and leg-lifts. it makes you totally sore in the morning, especially if, like me, you do this sport 30 hours a week! then we have to do our flexibility drills. i don't want to explain that one... its the worst part, but i think u get the picture. welcome to my life, the other side of gymnastics...the part that hurts and makes u cry. gymnasts hide all the hard work for one thing- winning olympic victory, and we know it will pay off someday..."

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I'm not totally sure but my friend is not in Olymic, she is in level 9 and she practices about 8 hours a day- so a lot. More than that.

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Q: How many hours does a college gymnast practice?
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