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how many hours do u work a day

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Q: How many hours does a basketball player practice every year?
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How many hours does a professional basketball player practice?

How many hours does a professional basketball player practice?

Why do you have to practice sports?

In a simple phrase, practice makes perfect. If we didn't need to practice to be good at sports, everyone would be a professional basketball player, football player, baseball player, etc. The only reason why professionals are good is because they put hours and hours of practice in every day to make sure they can become the best.

How many hours should you practice basketball?

I practice about 4 hours a day

How many hours does a professional NBA player practice every day?

nba players practice about 1 second a day

How much do nba players practice?

I heard at Kobe Bryant's basketball camp that he normally practices from 2- 8 hours everyday and most teams do around 2- 3 hours of a practice before every game

How many hours does a Basketball player practice?

About all day and wakes up early and plays all day again and does it in that order until the game

How many hours daily did Michael Jordan practice basketball?


What does it takes to be a good basketball player?

Overall, it takes a lot of team play and hustle, not only in practice, but also on the court. You should also have good instincts (which comes from practicing hours and hours and hours) and the ability to be versatile.

What education or training is require for basketball?

To play hard .long Hours of practice

How many hours does a basketball player work?

* About four to five hours a week.

How many hours per week can ncaa college basketball teams practice?


What is the hours of a pro basketball player?

9 to 5 lol