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No, there are many NBA players of different races.

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Q: Are all NBA players black people?
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What are the current black NBA players?

The NBA is about 90% black so to name all the black NBA players would be nearly impossible.

Which NBA team has produced the most NBA players?

all of them

What is combined salary in of all NBA players?

The combined salary for all the NBA players this season (2008-09) is $2,147,804,038.

What high school basketball players not drafted into the nba?

All that are not in the NBA

All the people in the NBA with number 10?

There have been 246 players from the NBA or ABA who have worn the number 10. Some current players are Leandro Barbosa, Mike Bibby and Eric Gordon.

Where are all the NBA players from?

NBA players come from many places around the world, not just one place. They all come from planet Earth though.

Where does NBA players live at?

NBA players live all over America. I think that most of them live near their teams, though.

Would all NBA players be amazing basketball players outside the NBA?

Of course not. There are NBA players who are broken-down shells of their former selves, and there are also players who wouldn't fit in well with, say, the European style of basketball.

How many NBA players have worn number 55?

55 players all time

How many people played in the nba?

there are 360 players playing in the current basketball but that all varies from time to time

How many white nfl players?

2 people cuz there all black

Do all high schools take players to the NBA?


What is the grade point average of all NBA players?

ƒuck you

What players will be in the nba all-star game 2011?

me ofcourse

How are the players for the NBA all-star game selected?

The players for the NBA All Star game are elected or voted on by the fans. These would be the most popular players or high scoring fan favorites to be voted on the team.

Who is the all time worst NBA player?

There is no "worst" NBA player, just players not as good as others.

Why do the NBA have all-star games?

to show good nba players and to make more money for the league

What are some achievements of Larry Bird?

Awards3x NBA Champion3x NBA MVP12x All-Star2x NBA MVP9x All-NBA First team3x NBA All-defensive second team1980 NBA Rookie of the Year3x NBA 3pt Shootout winner50 Greatest NBA Players

What does it take to get to the NBA?

enough skills to compete with all the other players

What college has sent the most players to the NBA all time?


Are NBA players the most spoiled of all athleats?

Allen iverson

Can people try out for the NBA?

Generally speaking the main source of new NBA players are selected by the "college draft" system created by the NBA. Other players, such as European basketball stars, have been closely scouted by the NBA teams and offered a contract. The so-called walk-on system used in universities for their sports teams does not exist at the NBA level. With that said, the D-league, is an NBA sponsored basketball league from which players are selected. And of course in a trade situation, each team involved has scouted all the players that may be involved.

Do nba players earn money for the all-star game?

Yes, NBA player's earn there minimum wage.

All time leading assist players in nba basketball?

John Stockton

List of all the current NBA players wear 13?

Steve Nash