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((oVER 9000

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Q: How many hours do basketball players work?
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Where do basketball players work?

They play basketball in a basketball court for your information.

Where do professional basketball players work?

Professional basketball players "work" in there training camps. Which are located separately from the location of the arena they play basketball in.

How many hours a week does a professional basketball player work?

25 hours.

How many hours does a basketball player work?

* About four to five hours a week.

What is team work basketball youth?

Learning the basic fundamentals for all players to work as a team to become better basketball players.

How many hours does a basketball player practice every year?

how many hours do u work a day

How many hours do NFL players work?

24mins 2seconds and 102 centuries

Do basketball players eat junk food?

I they probbaly do, but they probbaly just work it off at basketball?

How many hours does a college basketball coach work?

It varies from coach to coach. With practice, games, and recruiting, they work many hours and probably more than 60 hours per week.

What is the average hours NFL players work?

what are the hours that are required to work to be a NFL player?

How much hours do soccer players work?

18.5 hours a week

How many hours a week do NFL players work?

The number of hours an NFL player works per week depends on the player, the coaching staff, and management. For most, it would be 50 to 60 hours per week. Key players would work more.

Why are the Lakers so good?

The Lakers are good because they have many talented basketball players on their team, as well as a good coach. They are a good group of players who work well together as a team.

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How many hours do work as a prosecutor?

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How many hours does an Oncologist work?

they work 40 hours

How many hours teachers work a month?

depends how many hours they work and use a calculator to do how many hours they work a day and times it by how many days in a month.

How many hours does a LPN work in a nursing home?

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