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1 hour

Well im from high school and i do 2 hours a day !!

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It really depends on the coach.

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Q: How many hours can a high school team practice a week?
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How many hours does Tom Daley practice a day?

4 hours before school and 4 hours after

How many hours do you need to practice massage therapy in MN?

How many hours of school does one need to do massage in a Chiropractic office?

How many hours of supervised driving practice are teens required to have?

I had 50 hours when I went through the driver's education program at my school. This was in 2003.

How many hours do sports players train per day?

im on a state championship high school girls lacrosse team and we practice 2 and a half hours monday-friday.

How many hours are needed to graduate high school?

it depends on the state you reside in

How many hours of sleep does the average high school student get?

Not enough. My estimate is 7.

How many hours do basketball players train per week?

high school 4 hours college 6 hours NBA 6 to 7 hours

How many hours are french school days?

It depends...In the last years of high school.. it could be from 8am, until 5pm.

How many hours do saina nehwal practice?

saina nehwal practice for 8 hours in day

How many hours does a high school teacher work per day?

Teachers usually work 9-10 hours a day.

How many hours to get a masters degree in high school education?

A masters in education runs approximately 33 to 36 credit hours.

How many hours do pianists practice everyday?

Pianists normally practice about 8~9 hours everyday.