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30 -35

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Q: How many hours a week does a professional ballet dancer train?
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How many hours a week do professional ballet dancers train?

half youre pay and why you wanna know weirdo

What does a professional Dancer do?

train others how to dance

What degrees can ballerinas get relating to ballet?

If you are going to be a professional ballet dancer or ballerina (ballerinas are usually the name given to a soloist or principal in a company) then you are usually selected to train and be with a company before the age of 13. 13 is often seen as too late even! But if you wish to train in ballet and not necessarily be a ballerina, then there are many degrees/diplomas at performing arts schools such as Laine which offer ballet classes as a key part of your time there.

How many hours per day do goalkeepers train as professional?

I think it is suitable for a trainer to train the Professional for 4 Hours per day

What are the requirements to be a ballet dancer?

There are no specific requirements to train as a ballerina, however if you want to become professional, you should try to stay fit and strong, and make sure you stay flexible. You can achieve better strength and flexibility while training at a ballet school and by doing exercises out of the school to maximise your fitness.

How many hours should a professional soccer player train?


What kind of ballerinas are there?

by 'ballerinas' do you mean ballet dancers? ballerina is the title given to only the princable dancer in the company. there are students who are train at a ballet academy or train as apprentices at a professional company. there are soloists, who get to play parts like the 'blue bird' in sleeping beauty which have solo dances. and there are ballerinas, ballerinos (male princables) and prima ballerina. (sometimes there are more then one ballerina in the one company so one dancer is named the prima ballerina. a great honour) hope this answered your question!

How many times do professional football teams train for?

they train for about 2 hours everyday apart from sundays.

A ballet dancer usually wears a l?

Hmm.. well I don't exactly know what an "l" is. I know that it is like, a subway train-thingy in Chicago... if you're talking about a leotard, then yes; ballet dancers do wear leotards.

How many hours did the Brazilian Ronaldo train everyday and week to become a professional soccer player?

ronaldo train 9 hours a day to get that good

How long should you train to be a professional bike rider?

Hours and hours most days of the week for years.

How much do you train per week in netball?

a person that plays netball at school would usually train for atleast two hours a week and a professional would train for atleast eighteen hours a week.

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