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3 years

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Q: How many hour of collage a eligibility to play football?
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How many national titles does the university of Iowa have in collage football?


How many points is a field goal worth in collage football?


How many collage football teams have won consecutive national titles?


How many years of collage to be a football player?

None. They must be a minimum of 20 years old.

How many titles do Ohio State have in collage football?

The University has seven titles recognized by the NCAA.

How many years of collage do pro football players need to go pro?

they don't need any

How many players are on a collage football field?

There are 22 players of a field at a time, 11 offense and 11 defense.

How many calories do you burn in football per hour?


How many minutes are regulatior football game?

1 hour

How many calories do you burn in an hour of football?

Varies from person to person

How many calories does a football player lose?

They lose 5647 calories an hour

How many years do you have to go to collage to be a NFL football player?

You need 3 years of College before you can submit your name in the NFL Draft

How many collages is there today no the number of collage there today in the u.s?

how many collage are in the U.S today

How many years was Thomas Jefferson in collage?

he was in collage for 3 years!! Tomas Jefferson was in collage for 4 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many calories does a person burn playing an average of thirty to sixty minutes of football?

an hour of football burns around 480 Cals.

In collage how many different master degree are there?

In collage, how many different master degrees are there M.S. MBA and so on

How many years do fashion designers go 2 collage for?

i think 19000 years of collage

How many years of collage to be a social worker?

the full time we are in the collage must be a social worker

How many calories burned in one hour of football?

An average person might burn around 480 calories per hour playing football. However, it depends on such things as your weight, your degree of fitness, and how hard you are playing.

How many years can you play ncaa football?

You have four years of original eligibility. You can gain a fifth year of eligibility by redshirting, which means you can practice and dress out for games with the team but cannot participate in any game during season or post-season play. If a player that has been redshirted plays in a game during his redshirted year, he will lose his fifth year of eligibility and is no longer redshirted.

How many votes are there in a electoral collage?


How many members are in the Electoral collage?


How many periods in collage hockey?


How many calories do you burn an hour while playing soccer?

depends how hard you work and its football not soccer you yank

How many calories do you loose playin football for half an hour?

Depends a lot on how intense the game is, but maybe 300.