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Two teams of 3,4 or 5 players compete in a game, and between 20 and 60 horses can be used. It depends on the calibre of the players and the horses. Horses can be changed depending on how tired the horses get during the match.

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Q: How many horses does each polo player have?
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What is a string of polo ponies?

a string of polo ponies is the 7 horses that a polo player plays on during a game.

What are some popular games involving horses?

There are many different kinds of games involving horses, both real and imaginary. Polo is perhaps the most well-known game involving horses, although races are also quite popular. Many video games also involve horses.

Why is polo such an expensive sport?

Polo is traditional played with a string of 7-8 horses per rider. Each horse has it's own tack. Each chukka out, the rider will bring out a fresh horse. It's so expensive beause to compeat, you have to own 7-8 horses and back up horses as well. All those horses have to be fed and exercised each day.

Why do you need four horses for polo?

A regular game of polo consists of four chukkas, or "periods," of seven minutes each. Ideally a rider changes to a fresh horse at the end of each chukka, which is why he or she would need four horses. An official FIP game consists of six chukkas, meaning a player might want a total of six horses or more. Some higher goal games are eight chukkas long.

How many horses does Adolfo Cambiaso own?

15-20 somewhere around that point. a polo player uses 6 horses in 1 match. and has 20 horses he uses but only minority of them are in training. hope that answers your Q...?

What is the term used to describe the 7 horses a polo player uses?

It doesn't have to be 7, does it? maybe I missed something. Anyway, a string of polo ponies??

What is the similar between horse polo and field hockey?

Polo is played on a field while on horseback with the player hitting the ball with a polo mallet in order for it to get into the goal, whereas in water polo it is played in the water and it has more of a resemblance to netball, except you are only allowed to catch with one hand. hope this helped!

Do you need to own a horse to play polo?

To play polo you need at least seven horses. Most polo players own their own horses.

How many player are there in polo?


Why do you have horses for?

You have horses for training, friendship, transportation, sports, and polo.

Which animal is part of the sport of polo?

Horses are an integral part of playing polo. Typically the horses are smaller, and in the past only ponies (horses that are less than 58 inches) were allowed to compete, but now there are no size limitations. Polo players still prefer smaller horses, though, because they have to be fast and swift. Arabians and Quarter Horses are especially popular among polo players.

How many players are they on a polo team?

There are 4 players on a polo team. Each player's jersey number indicates the position he or she is playing; the number 1 man plays forward; the 4 man plays back; with numbers 2 and 3 playing pivotal roles. Arena polo differs in that there are 3 players on a team, as it is played in a smaller enclosed area. A polo player's handicap is rated separately for field polo and arena polo..