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Q: How many home runs did Shawn Green hit at Dodger Stadium?
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When was Jackie robinsons last home run in a dodger uniform?

Yankee Stadium

What baseball stadium has yellow seats?

There are a couple of ballparks in Major League Baseball that have yellow seats. Miller Park (home of the Milwaukee Brewers) and Dodger Stadium (home of the Los Angeles Dodgers) both have yellow seats. Miller Park has them on the upper level, and Dodger Stadium have them on the lower level.

Who has hit the most home runs in the dodgers history?

Dodger with the most home runs over all is Manny Ramírez 554. Hall of Famer Duke Snider has 407 with 389 of those as a Dodger most of any player. Gil Hodges is next at 370 with 361 of those hit as a Dodger.

Other than Wrigley Field what is the oldest ballpark in the National League?

Dodger stadium, home of the Los Angeles Dodgers, is the second oldest stadium in the National League, open in 1962.

Which of these players hit the most home runs in 2005 Mark Grudzielanek Marcus Giles or Shawn Green?

Shawn Green 22Marcus Giles 15Mark Grudzielanek 8

Where is the Green Park s Stadium located?

Green Park Stadium is located in Kanpur, India, and the home of the Uttar Pradesh cricket team.

What was the average game attendence at the Los angeles dodger stadium in 1965?

31,525. The Dodgers drew 2,553,577 fans for 81 regular season home games.

Where would you have a better chance of hitting a home run?

There are many stadiums in which hitting a home run is easier, with Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati as the easiest. Also included in the top five are Yankee Stadium, Rogers Centre, Coors Field and Dodger Stadium.

What state and city do green bay play in?

The Green Bay Packers home stadium is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Where do the Dodgers play their home games?

If you are talking about Major League Baseball, it is Los Angeles, California.

The only left handed hitter to hit 30 or more home runs for the dodgers?

Shawn Green

How many hours from Los Angeles to Anaheim?

Anaheim is a suburb of Los Angeles. From Dodger Stadium to Anaheim stadium, home of the Angels is approximatly 20 miles. Driving time depends on traffic and could be as little as 30 minutes to over an hour.