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24 may be

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Q: How many home games did Arsenal remain unbeaten from 14 feb 2002 to august 2002?
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Did Arsenal go unbeaten in the league?

Yes 49 games unbeaten between May 7 2003 and October 16 2004. They were unbeaten during the 2003/2004 season.

What team has the longest unbeaten run in the premier league?

Arsenal went 49 games unbeaten over 3 seasons, between 2003 & 2004.

How many games did Arsenal play during their record unbeaten run?

fortyeigtht games almost two seasons.

How many games have Chelsea been unbeaten at home?

As of 21st September 2008 it is now 85 home league games unbeaten since the 2-1 to Arsenal in February 2004.

What English football team has the longest unbeaten record in the league?

arsenal had an unbeaten run of 49 games May 7, 2003 - October 24, 2004

Which soccer coach has the longest unbeaten run?

The longest unbeaten run as a coach was by Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger for 42 games and over a year. undefeated.

What is arsenal's longest unbeaten run?

its 49 games, starting from the season 2003-2004 and ending in the 2004-2005 season. arsenal went the entire 03-04 season unbeaten which is another record. up gunners!

What is arsenal's longest undefeated streak?

Arsenal FC's longest streak was when they won the 2003-2004 English Premier League Season with an unbeaten record (38 games).

How many days did arsenal go unbeaten?

It was for 48 games and almost two seasons. Only Prescot went a season without loss.

Which soccer club has the longest unbeaten run?

It is unknown which team has the longest unbeaten run in all competitions. Arsenal have the longest English league run with 49 games unbeaten, which included the entire 2003/04 Barclay's Premier League season unbeaten. Chelsea have the longest unbeaten home run in the league with 86 games. Liverpool have the longest unbeaten home run in all competitions with 85 games. The longest unbeaten League run in English Senior Football is held by AFC Wimbledon who went 78 games unbeaten from 22 Feb 2003 to 4 Dec 2004. This included a complete league season undefeated. Steaua Bucharest went 104 matches unbeaten between 1986 and 1989

Chelseas longest unbeaten run?

6,000,000,000 games unbeaten

How many games are Chelsea football club unbeaten in the league?

i don't know about right now, but the end of season 05/06 and the beginning of 06/07 Chelsea went 42 matches unbeaten, which is almost as good as Arsenal's 49 matches.

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