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This one is tough the answer because it varies by region. However, you have CCM, Koho, Bauer, Nike Bauer, Reebok(RBK), Harrow/Christian, Sherwood, Easton, Mission, Tour, Cooper, VIC, Warrior and I'm sure you can think of more. I would estimate about 15-25 suppliers in the US Canada and Mexico.

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Q: How many hockey brands are there?
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What are the smallest sized hockey skates you can buy?

Hockey skates are available in different sizes but the smallest ones generally belong to size 1 (which corresponds to shoe size 2); this size conmes in many brands such as Bauer & Flite Hockey Skates, CCM, Reebok, Nike-Bauer Hockey Skates, Graf Hockey Skates and Mission & Torspo Hockey Skates

Who makes the best hockey helmet?

Theres no best hockey helmet. Some of the better brands are Itech, RBK, Bauer.

What are some skate brands?

Some of the best hockey skate brands are CCM, RBK, and Easton. Some of the best figure skate brands are Riedell, CCM, and Super Teri

What are some good types of hockey bags?

Hockey Bags - HockeyGiant, Your Hockey Equipment SourceHockeyGiant has the best range of hockey bags like this Nike Bauer Supreme 30 Senior Hockey Equipment Bag and Gear Hockey Cooler Bag. We have hockey bags from all the top brands like Bauer, CCM and Mission at fantastic prices.

What brands of hockey nets have received good reviews?

A number of hockey nets have received good reviews. these include: Bauer, Reebok, Nike, Adidas, Eagle Ball, WinnWell, Sherwood, and Canada Street Hockey.

How can I get a cheap hockey stick?

Go to They carry the best hockey equipment's like hockey stick in a very cheap prices. They are the cheapest and are made by CCM and is ten times better than the other brands.

What brands and equipment models do professional ice hockey players use?

players have their own preferences

What is the best field hockey stick for a forward?

There are many brands of field hockey sticks but some are given below. STX Carba100 Senior Composite Field Hockey Stick STX C-103 Adult Composite Field Hockey Stick STX 361 Composite Field Hockey Stick Grays GX5000 Composite Field Hockey Stick Or you can find sticks from the link in the related links.

What will be the next hockey stick for Bauer?

probably the APX, since the brands for the sticks and the skates are usually the same

How many types of hockey are there?

Ice hockey, street hockey, feild hockey, floor hockey, air hockey, table hockey, knee hockey, mini hockey, water hockey, under water hockey. 10.

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How many brands are there?

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What is the best field hockey stick in the world?

depends what you like - voodoo, gryphon and grays are very popular brands with pro's

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There are many types of brands. These include clothing brands, food company brands, electronic brands, furniture brands, as well as appliance brands.

How many brands of pasta are there?

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what are the best brands of ice skates recommended for hockey players?

Bauer Flexlite skates are good.They are at a very good price too. Different stores have different brands and with different prices. They vary from cheap to very expensive.

How many player in horses hockey hockey?


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What are some hockey stick brands?

dita grays stx cranbarry brine gryphon obo slazenger cyclone those are just a few of them

How many players are there in a hockey team?

22 for ice hockey

How many hockey rinks are in Massachusetts?

159 hockey rinks

How many team hockey?

30 hockey teams in the league

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The word hockey has two syllables.

How many goals can you score in hockey?

There is no limit to how many goals a team can score in a hockey game.