How many highest runs scored by dhoni against Pakistan?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How many highest runs scored by dhoni against Pakistan?
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What are the teams against which dhoni scored one day international centuries?

sri-lanka , Pakistan, Bangladesh , Australia

Where Mahendra Singh Dhoni scored his first One Day International century in India?

On Indian soil he scored his first ODI century at Visakhapatnam against Pakistan in 2005.

Dhoni's highest runs scored in an ODI match after taking on captaincy for India?

dhoni's highest runs fter becoming captain is 96

Highest runs scored by m s dhoni in odi?

183 (not out)

Where did Mahendra Singh Dhoni score his first ODI Century?

Dhoni's first ODI ton was scored in ACA-VDCA Stadium in Vishakapatnam a.k.a Vizag against Pakistan. He scored 148 off 123 balls and helped India amass a score of 356.

Where did dhoni scored his first century and against which team?

Jaipur against srilanka

Where did Mahendra Singh Dhoni scored his first century in ODI?

Vishakapatnam vizag againest Pakistan

Dhoni has scored 183 against which country and stadium name?

Dhoni score 183* against Sri Lanka at Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur, India.

Which place did dhoni hit his first century?

against pakistan in superb ground

Where did MS Dhoni make his first One-Day International century?

MS Dhoni's first One-Day International century was scored in his fifth such innings, against Pakistan on April 5, 2005, in Visakhapatnam. He scored 148 runs before being dismissed by fielder Shoaib Malik, off the bowling of Mohammad Hafeez.

What was MS Dhoni's score in his 5th One Day International against Pakistan?


Dhoni made his first ODI century against which Cricket team?

Pakistan in visakhapatnam