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Q: How many high school baseball players were drafted in the 2010 major league baseball draft?
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Do you have to have a high school diploma to play Major League Baseball?

Yes; but you do not have to go to college; you can get drafted as soon as you're out of high school.

How many NH high school division 3 baseball players were drafted by colleges?


How many years of college do you need to play major league baseball?

None, many players are drafted out of high school. The first overall pick this year(2008) was Tim Beckham out of a Georgia High School.

Do you need to go to collage to play baseball?

No. Attending college is not a requirement. Players are drafted from both high school and college. Some players drafted in high school choose to attend college in an effort to get into a lower draft round. Typically, the lower the draft round, the more money the player makes. Also, some players not drafted in high school attend college in hopes of being drafted.

How many players are there on each team in baseball in America?

Each league (little league, high school, college) has its own limits as far as how many players can be on a team. In Major League Baseball, there are 25 players on a team.

List of high school baseball players drafted in 2009 draft?

That can be found at

How many major league baseball players went to dorsey high school?


How many or what percent of A AA and AAA minor league players are drafted to the majors?

Well, let's reword the question first... A, AA, and AAA minor league players are usually already drafted by a team. In my experience, I would say that probably around 10% of minor leaguers ever have a chance at The Show. That's just the chance. Even fewer make it there and produce successful careers and end up being vested and retiring. Of the thousands of high school, college, and unaffiliated players, probably about 3 percent of those drafted or signed ever make the big leagues. Hope this helps.

What Major League Baseball organization drafted mickey mantle?

Mickey Mantle wasnt drafted, he was signed to a minor league contract with an affiliate of the New York Yankees out of high school. He did however get drafted by the US Army but failed the physical exam and was rejected as unfit for service.

How many years of school do you need to be in Major League Baseball?

As many as it takes to get drafted. There are no minimum requirements, but your chances are greatly increased if you stay in school as long as possible. First, the scouts for MLB teams keep a very close eye on college baseball players, and second, if you never make it to the show you always have an education to fall back on. General rule, if you haven't been drafted then you haven't been in school long enough.

What major league baseball team was Tom Brady drafted into in 1995?

Brady was drafted in the 18th round by the Montreal Expos in the 1995 MLB draft. He played catcher in high school.

How To Become A Major League Baseball Player?

If you practice a lot and get on a high school team you can get a baseball scholarship for college if you do good in the collage team you could get drafted for a minor league team then you could eventually get reconised by a major league team