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Margaret Court, who is known as the worlds number 1 tennis player. Has won a total of 62 grand slam titles, this record ha being the best record so far in the world og women or men tennis.

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Q: How many grand slam titles did Margaret court win?
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How many titles did margaret court win?

She won 62 Grand Slam events (24singles, 19doubles, 19 mixed doubles), which is a record for a male or female player. Her 24 Grand Slam singles titles and 19 in mixed doubles are also all-time records for both sexes.

How many singles and doubles grand slam titles does Serena Williams have?

As of January 2017, Serena Williams has won 23 Grand Slam singles titles and 14 Grand Slam doubles titles. She has earned 67 overall career titles. On January 28, 2017, Williams passed Steffi Graf for the most women's Grand Slam titles (23) in the Open Era. Margaret Smith Court won 24 titles, most of them at a time when only amateurs could play in events.

How many grand slam tournaments did Margaret Court win?

Australian tennis player Margaret Court won 62 Grand Slam events (24 singles, 19 doubles, 19 mixed doubles).

How many women have won a tennis grand slam?

There are at least 3 who have won singles calendar Grand Slams: Steffi Graf, Margaret Court and Mo Connolly. Court has also won doubles Grand Slams.

How many Grand Slam titles has Federer won?

He has been awarded 16 Grand Slam Titles.

How many single grand slam title has been won by Margaret Court?

just a guess but I would think 4 or 5

How many Grand Slam Titles did Don Budge win?

Don Budge has won 6 Grand Slam Singles Titles.

How many grand slam titles does Venus Williams have?

Venus Williams has won seven women's Grand Slam singles titles.

How many Grand Slam titles has Andre Agassi won?

Andre agassi won eight time won grand slam titles

How many grand-slams wins Martina hingis?

She has won 5 Grand Slam titles

How many tennis grand slams has Martina Navratilova won?

Navratilova won 18 Grand Slam singles titles, 31 Grand Slam women's doubles titles (an all-time record), and 10 Grand Slam mixed doubles titles, a total of 59!!

How many grand slam titles does Serena Williams have?

Serena Williams has 22 Grand Slam titles, an Open Era record she shares with Steffi Graf.

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