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Once a year.

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Q: How many grand prix races are held in Brazil?
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How many grand prix races are held in France?


How many grand prix races are held in the US?


How many grand prix races are held in Germany?

Once a year.

How many grand prix races are held in Italy?

Once a year.

How many grand prix races are held in Japan?

Once a year.

How many grand prix races are held in Spain?

Twice a year.

How many grand prix races are held in Canada?

Once a year.

How many grand prix races are held in Australia?

Once a year.

How many grand prix races are held in the UK?

62 and counting(2011). All the British Grand Prix's have been held usally at Silverstone.

How many formula one races have been run in the US?

64 Races have been held in the US. This is from 6 different F1 Grand Prix's. 35 of them is from the United States Grand Prix.

How many races are in the F1 2012 season?

In the F1 2012 season there will be 20 grand prix races altogether starting at Melbourne,Australia, and finishing in Sau Paulo,Brazil

What races besides the foot races were held?

There are many different races that are held besides foot races. These races include bike races, swimming races, and competence races.

How many races are involved in the formula 1 grand prix?

There are multiple races held every year. The number has been steadily increasing over the past few years. There were 19 races in the 2010 season and 20 races in the 2011 season. The 2009 season had only 17 races. The number of tracks/races keeps changing every year.

How many races did Mark Webber win in 2011?

So far in 2011 Mark has been unable to win any races. His best result was a second at the Turkish Grand Prix. Mark Webber ended up winning one race in 2011. It was the Petrobras Grand Prix of Brazil on November 27th at Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace.

How many races did Nascar have in 1962?

In 1962, the Nascar Grand National Series had 53 races.

How many Komen races are held each year?


Where do pigeons race?

Pigeons races are held in many countries.

How many years has the Indianapolis Motor Speedway held races?

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has been hosting race since 1909. The initial races were motorcycle races and later car races were also held here. Between 2000 and 2007, for 8 years Formula One racing events were also held in Indianapolis.

How many races has Lewis Halimton won?

8 (As of the 2008 German Grand Prix)

What evidence is there about the Roman Races?

The Coliseum is pretty much proof itself that games and races were held. The are also many ancient documentions that account for chariot races firsthand.

How many grand prix has Lewis hamilton won?

He has won 17 Grand Prix races, as of 17th May 2012.

In how many continents are the races in formula one?

Races are held in almost every continent except North America. 1. Asia - China, Singapore, Japan etc 2. Australia 3. Europe - Germany, Britain, Belgium etc 4. South America - Brazil Predominantly the races are in Europe

How many races are there in the Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby is a single race. Tthere are about 12 races held at Churchill Downs on Derby Day.

How many times has Brazil featured in the world cup?

Brazil has been in every 16 world cups that were held.

How many rounds in F1 race?

There are many rounds in a formula 1 season. There are usually 15 or more rounds of races every year. This year there are going to be 17 rounds. Australia, Malaysia, China, Bahrain, Spain, Monte Carlo, Turkey, Britain, Germany, Hungary, belgium, Italy, Singapore, japan, Brazil and abu dhabi are the locations where the races will be held this year. In Spain there would be a total of 2 races, one in catalunya and one more in valencia.