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they have been in 36 grand finals

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Q: How many grand finals has collingwood been in?
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How many Grand Finals have Collingwood won?


How many grand finals has Richmond beat Collingwood?

2. 1920 and 1980

How many Aussie rules grand finals have been draws?

There's been 3 draws: Essendon Vs Melbourne (Melbourne won rematch) Collingwood VS North Melbourne (North Melbourne won rematch) Collingwood VS Saint Kilda (Collingwood won rematch)

How many carlton verses collingwood grand finals have carlton won?

The answer is 5. (1915, 1938, 1970, 1979, 1981.)

How many games did collingwood win in 1927?

15 (of 18) Home and Away matches and 2 finals including the grand final.

How many finals have collingwood played in?

As at the end of the 2010 AFL season Collingwood have played in 170 finals with a record of 74 wins, 5 draws and 91 loses.

How many grand finals have been tied?

there has been about 3

How many grand finals have st.kilda been in?


How many grand finals have been drawn in afl?


How many grand finals have the Boston Celtics been in?


How many people watch the AFL grand-final?

Most grand finals there has been turnouts of 100,000+ people at the MCG which is where the grand finals are always played.

How many afl grand finals since 1990 have been replayed?

In AFL history, it has happened only once in 2010. Collingwood v St. Kilda. Collingwood won the replay The previous Replayed grandfinals in VFL History were: 1977: Collingwood v North Melbourne - North Melbourne won the Replay. 1948: Melbourne v Essendon - Melbourne won the Replay.