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a lot there is magh, novice, atom, peewee, bantom, midget, junior, farm league, nhl

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Q: How many grades are there in hockey?
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What is the duration of a normal half of a field hockey match?

Each half of a game of hockey is 35 minutes long in most grades.

How is a hockey game broken up into time segments?

In ice hockey, a game is broken into three periods of 20 minutes (for NHL; different lengths for other grades). In field hockey, a game is broken into two halves of 35 minutes (less for younger grades and some competitions/tournaments).

What is the difference between High School Hockey and Professional Hockey?

High school hockey is from grades 9-12 (if middle schoolers are good enough to make it then a few 7th and 8th graders). Professional hockey is when that is your full time job and you get payed.

How many players are on at a time in hockey including the goalkeeper?

Both ice and indoor hockey allow six players in total at a time per team. Field hockey is normally 11, although some grades (Super6 and Junior 8s, for example only use 6 and 8 players respectively).

How fast does the average hockey player shoot?

About 100 kilometres an hour, over all grades. A specific grade will have a higher or lower average; for example, professional hockey players can easily shoot above 120 km/h, and many can get to 150km/h.

What materials are used to make hockey helmets?

ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) at higher grades, or other plastics.

How many types of hockey are there?

Ice hockey, street hockey, feild hockey, floor hockey, air hockey, table hockey, knee hockey, mini hockey, water hockey, under water hockey. 10.

How many grades in a concussion?

there are 3 grades of concussions

How many player in horses hockey hockey?


''how many grades are there''?

There is 11 grades total not counting College

How many grades do elementary schools have?

grades 1 to 5

How many grades from kindergarten to senior year?

thirteen grades

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