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Depends on how many people play Golf lol, what kind of a question is this

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Q: How many golf courses does a city with a population of 20K people need?
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What is the population of City Golf?

City Golf's population is 854.

What do people do in north Carolina golf courses?

Play golf

Where are there golf courses in Michigan?

There are numerous golf courses in Michigan. Arcadia Bluffs, Ironstone, Marquette, Traverse City, Detroit, Gaylord, Bay Harbor, Grand Rapids and many other cities in Michigan have golf courses.

How many golf courses in Arkansas?

Arkansas has 223 golf courses to choose from. This directory lists the courses by city. The cities with the most golf courses like Hot Springs Village, Little Rock, and Fayetteville are listed first under the Top 10.

What is there to do in star city?

Star City has two mini golf courses and laser tag.

How many Golf Courses are there in Las Vegas?

There are a total of 78 golf courses throughout the city of Las Vegas. Of the 78, 64 courses are public or semi-private, and 14 courses are private.

Which city has most per capita golf courses?

n. dakota

How many golf courses are there in Scotland?

there are 50 golf courses.

How many golf courses are in Arizona?

There are about 340 golf courses in Arizona.

What US City has has the largest number of golf courses?

Myrtle Beach, SC

Are there Any late night golf courses in kansas city mo?


What city has the most golf courses per capita?

Fairfield Glade, Tennessee

How many Orlando golf courses?

Over 20 golf courses in Orlando.

How many golf courses in australia?

how many golf courses in Australian states

What county has the most golf courses?

America has the most golf courses! by far

Why are golf courses often near the sea?

Because rich people not only golf, they also sail

How many golf courses are in South Africa?

+/- 500 golf courses of which at least 200 are 9 hole courses

Which country has the most golf courses?

Scotland per head of population, US per country

What California city has the most public golf courses per 100000?

San Deigo

What city with has the most golf courses?

Chicago, IL with 347

How many golf courses does New Jersey have?

There are 360 golf courses in New Jersey.

How many golf courses in US?

Approximately 18,000 golf courses in US alone.

How many golf courses are in grays harbor?

there are 17 golf courses in Grays Harbor

Country with the most golf courses?

USA has most numbers of golf courses in the world.

Do you have golf courses in Washington Utah?

Yes, we have some golf courses here, they are beautiful.

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