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Q: How many golf balls in a pros bag for one round?
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Do golf pros carry balls in their pockets?

Generally, they do not carry golf balls in their pockets.

How many golf balls must pros hit daily?

It is probably up to him/her! If it is a pro then it can probably do what it wants.

Do most people lie about golf scores?

No, not the pros, but when you are out for a round of golf with your buddies, of course so.

Where can one find information on golf refinery?

One can find information on golf refinery from refinergolf website. They have golf training aids by touring pros. Dual adjustable hinged club engineering to hit golf balls.

The pros and cons of golf?

Pro's ..... Its exercise and very social. Con's...... Not many i can think of

How many minutes in 1 round boxing match?


What are the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur?


How much do golf pros make?

They earn a lot. Aside from golf, they appear to advertisements.

Which brand of golf clubs is most used by golf pros?

Taylormade has many many tour players. The otheres would include Titleist, Callaway, Ping, Nickent, Cobra.

What putters do Pros use?

Golf pros just use the putters that you can buy in many golf shops but they are usually custom fit and customised for the player. The popular brands on tour include Yes, Taylormade, Odyssey and Scotty Cameron.

The best way to get a lower golf handicap?

Take lessons, practice, watch the pros, think your way round the course, get the correct clubs for you and practice some more.

How many balls are used in one football game in the pros?

I'd say like a

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