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no because you can only have one Golf ball on the tee.

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1 of course. The rules say that.

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Q: How many golf balls can you take on the tee?
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What are the things that hold the golf balls called?


Golf ball on a tea ace of diamond card golf ball on a tea birthday cake?

Dear sir, golf balls sit on tees, not teas. Mickey's is telling you "Tee ace Tee cake: tasty cake."

Can you take a mulligan off the tee or anywhere on the course in golf?

only on the tee box

What is the difference between a normal golf ball and a lake golf ball?

Some golf balls are designed to float. Some golf courses offer practice ranges where golfers hit from the practice tee (ith floating balls) into a lake or pond. Instead of a golf cart retrieving the range balls off the ground, either a boat collects the floating balls or the artificial pond is design in such a way that the current moves the balls to a collection area.

What is a tee?

It's the little stand that you put a golf ball on before hitting it.

How much money is spent per year on golf tee's?

According to Snapple Fact #154, "Americans spend more than $630 million a year on golf balls."

Who was Tee Tee related to on The Game?

TEE is related to golf game.

Who invented the golf tee?

dr.georg grant was one of the first inventor of the golf tee in 1899.

Can the tee only be used on a golf tee?


What sport has four letters is played all around the world and begins with a T?

This is a trick question. The answer is golf as it starts with a tee.

What sport uses a tee?

Golf! In golf, you use the tee, to set your ball on it, then you hit the ball with your selected club.

Which golf courses in Hamilton Ontario allow you to book a tee time online?

Many golf courses in Hamilton, Ontario allow one to book a tee time online. Some examples of these golf courses include King's Forest Civic Golf and Glendale Golf & Country Club.