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9 gold medals- 37 medals in all

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Q: How many gold medals were won by the US in the 2010 Olympic games?
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How many gold medals did Australia win in the 2010 youth olympic games?

Australia won 8 gold medals in 2010 youth olympic games.

How many gold medals does Canada have in the 2010 witer olympic games?

Canada won a total of 14 gold medals, the most out of any country at the 2010 winter Olympic games.

What country has the most Olympic gold medals in a single games?

Canada won 14 gold medals in the 2010 Vancouver games - the record for a single Winter games.

How many Olympic Gold Medals did China win in the 2008 Olympic Games?

51 gold medals

How much gold medals does peter snell have?

Olympic Games: 3 gold medals Commonwealth games: 2 gold medals

How many gold medals did Canada win in the Vancouver 2010 winter olympic games?

14 gold medalsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

How many gold medals did Australia win in the Olympic Games 2010 in swimming?

i think 5

How many gold did US get t the 2010 Olympic Winter Games?

The US won 9 gold medals at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

How many gold medals has England won at the Olympic Games?

As of the 2008 Games in Beijing, Great Britain has won 188 gold medals in Summer Olympic competition and 8 gold medals in Winter Olympic competition.

How many 2010 olympic medals has Shaun White won?

He won the gold for men's halfpipe. That is the only event he is competing in at the 2010 Olympic games.

Does Taiwan ever win any medals in the Olympic Games?

Through the 2010 Games they have won 19 Olympic medals (2 gold, 6 silver, 11 bronze), all in Summer Olympic competition.

What is the record for most gold medals won by a country during one Olympic winter games?

Canada with 14 gold medals in the 2010 Winter Olympics.

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