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1 Olympic Gold

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Q: How many gold medals have Shawn Johnson won in her life?
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How many silver medals has Shawn Johnson won in her life?

She has won 3 Olympic silver medals.

How many gold medals did Michael Phelps win his entire life?

he won 71 medals in his hole life 51 gold.

What charities did Shawn Johnson supported?

Animal life, fighting wars

Who is Shawn Johnson's trainer?

Chow Is Shawn Johnson's Trainer (Chow is A Chinese guy who had been a champion for a long time but then stopped and didn't go back for years!) Shawn Johnson has a Book called WINNING BALANCE and it tells all about her life :)

Was Shawn Johnson on Secret Life of the American Teenager?

Yes, she was on Secret Life of the American Teenager.

What has Shawn Johnson been doing for her social life?

talking to friends not really anything

Was Shawn Johnson on Wizards of Waverly Place?

no. she was on secret life of the American teenager though.

What did Shawn Johnson contribute for the society?

She won 4 medals for for the US at the 2008 olympics including 1 gold and 3 silver. She is a spoke person for many companies such as nike and now is supports many fitness related things such as nike fitness and the xbox fitness thing. She also won many other medals in gymnastics such as 3 gold medals at the 2007 world gymnastics championships, the American Cup in 2007, visa championships in 2007 and 2008, and 7 medals at the Pan American Games, 5 of which were gold and 2 were silver. She won the mostprestigious AAUJames E. Sullivan Award and has appeared on T.V. in Dancing with the Stars and The Secret LIfe of the American Teenager.

How much gold awards has bolt got?

Usain Bolt has won 21 gold medals in his hole life.

How many medals did Michael Phelps all his life?

14 gold and 2 bronze

How many gold medals does Shaun White have in his whole life?

In the Olympics, Shaun has won 2 gold medals ... both in men's halfpipe at the 2006 Games in Turin and 2010 Games in Vancouver.

Why do gold medal winners bite their medals?

Puts an imprint of time on the medal you will have the rest of your life.

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