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Not every country that completed has a Gold Medalist. More than half do not have a medal winner at all

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Q: How many gold mdalist are in every country that competed in the 2012 olympics?
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Where were the first Olympics held where every country has competed?

The Olympics has never had all the countries compete together in any country.

Has Australia competed in every modern Olympics?

Australia has competed at every Summer Olympics and all Winter Olympics except 1924, 1928, 1932, and 1948.

Has any country won gold medals in every Olympics?

Great Britain has won at least 1 gold medal in every Winter Olympics and Summer Olympics they have competed in.

How many times have Australia competed in the Olympics?

Australia has been in every summer Olympics and some of the winter Olympics.

When china start participating the Olympics?

The People's Republic of China first competed at the 1952 Summer Games in Helsinki when they sent one athlete, a swimmer named Wu Chuanyu, to the Games. They did not compete in another Olympics until the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid. They have competed in every Winter Olympics since then and competed in every Summer Olympics since 1984.

Do Singapore compete in the Olympics?

Yes, Singapore has competed in every Summer Olympics, except for 1980, since 1948.

Which country has competed in every single world cup?


How many times has Quatar competed in the Olympics?

Qatar has competed in the Olympic games 8 times. The first year they competed in the Olympic Games was 1984, and they have participated in every one since then.

What four countries have competed in every modern Olympics game?

Australia, Great Britain, Greece and France

What was the last year that the Summer Olympics had tug of war?

1920 Games in Antwerp. Tug of war was competed in every Olympics between 1900-1920.

How long has Australia been in the Olympics?

Australia is one of a handful of nations who have competed at every games of the modern olympiad.

Has any country boycotted the Olympics?

Yes at least one country has boycotted every olympics

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