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over 40

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Q: How many goals in la liga has ronaldo scored away from home this season?
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In what game did Cristiano Ronaldo score his 31st goal of the 20072008 premier league season?

Away to Wigan Athletic FC Ronaldo scored in the last game of the season at the JJB.

How many goals has Manchester United scored this season in the premier league?

As at 1-Jan-2010; 45 goals. (24 home, 21 away).

How many premiership goals have Chelsea scored this season?

95 goals 60 home 35 away with 1 game to go home v Wigan

Is Cristiano ronaldo the best football player of the world?

No! The best player in the world by far is Abdul Osman, who plays for Northampton Town. The defensive midfield player has scored numerous goals this season, and also scored winning penalties in the the penalty shoot-outs against Reading and away at Liverpool, where 'The Cobblers' beat the premier league outfit.

What is the definition of immediate goals in sports?

a goal that is scored straight away

In what game did Cristiano Ronaldo score his 31st goal of the premier league season?

Away at Wigan Athletic

Who would win the premiership if scores and goal difference were exactly the same?

After goal difference it drops to away goals, then home goals conceeded and scored

How many goals were kicked in the 2009 AFL season?

4694 in the home and away season. 219 in the finals.

What does away goals rule mean in football?

The Away Goals rules is a method ofbreaking Ties in Association Football and other sports when teams play each other twice, once at each team's home ground. By the away goals rule, the team that has scored more goals "away from home" will win if scores are otherwise equal

Who was the last Australian rules player to kick 100 goals in a home and away season?

Lance Franklin (Hawthorn)- 102 for the home-and-away season 2008

What was the highest score in an arsenal football match away?

In an Arsenal verses Spurs game there were a total of eleven goals scored..

Who scored when Arsenal defeated Bayern Munich in 2013?

Olivier Giroud and Laurent Koscielny scored for Arsenal. Arsenal, however, lost the tie because Bayern has more away goals, 3 scored in the first leg.

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