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12 goals in the season so far.

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Q: How many goals has vanpersie scored this season for arsenal?
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How many goals as robin vanpersie scored in the English premier league for arsenal fc?

Robin Van Persie has scored 92 goals for Arsenal FC in the Premier League since his move to the club.

Who is the player who scored 44 goals for Arsenal in a season?


Who scored the most goals in a season for arsenal?

thiery Henry

How many goals has mourane chamak scored in the league for arsenal?

The Moroccan striker Mourane Chamak has scored 5 goals for arsenal in this his first season.

How many goals have been scored against arsenal this season?


What was the most goals thierry Henry scored for arsenal in one season?

38 Goals ,03/04 season

Who scored the most goals for Arsenal in the 2010-11 season?

Robin van Persie scored the greatest number of Premier League goals for Arsenal during the 2010-11 season, a total of 18 league goals.

Who has scored the most Premiership goals in a debut season?

Here it is most likely the arsenal striker Emmanuel adebayour who scored 30 goals with arsenal after joining from Monaco.

How many goals has adebayor scored for arsenal?

He scored 46 goals in 104 appearance for Arsenal.

How many league goals has Chelsea ace Didier Drogba scored against Arsenal this season?

Drogba scored twice in both of the Arsenal fixtures in the 2009/10 season, for a season total against Arsenal of 4.

How many goals did thierry Henry score in his first two seasons for arsenal?

Thierry Henry scored a total of 58 goals in his first two seasons for Arsenal. In the first season he scored 26 goals and 32 in the second season.

Who scored the most goals in the 1989 English football season?

Arsenal with 73 goals (+37 GD). Alan Smith scored 23 goals for Arsenal who won the league (that night at Anfield) with 76pts.

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