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101 in 176 soo far!

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Q: How many goals has neymar scored in his career?
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How many career goals did maradona scored?

Maradona has scored 322 career goals.

How many goals has Cristiano ranoldo scored in his career?

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 767 goals in his career.

How many goals has kaka scored in career?

300 goals

How many goals has ronaldinho scored his career?

892 goals, most were scored in 2000 to 2010

How many goals did beckham scored in his career to date?

david beckham has scored 94 goals

How many goals has allan shearer scored in his career?

Shearer has scored 664 goals in the e.P.L.

What Flyer scored the most goals for the Flyers and how many goals were scored in their Flyers career?

Richy clark

How many goals has Fernando Torres scored in his international career?

He has scored 23 international goals for Spain.

How many goals did raul scored with realmadrid in this career?

Raul has scored 315 goals at Real Madrid.

How many goals has Michael Keane scored?

Michael Keane has scored a total of 3 goals in his career.

How many goals has Luke Shaw scored?

Luke Shaw has scored a total of 1 goals in his career.

How many goals has Frank Lampard scored in his whole career?

Lampard has scored 126 goals.