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David Beckham has scored 94 goals

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Q: How many goals did beckham scored in his career to date?
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How many goals has robin van persie scored so far in his career?

To date (12th May 2012), Robin van Persie has scored 179 goals in his career, with 22 of them for Feyenoord, 132 for Arsenal and 25 international goals for the Netherlands.

How many goals scored by mikel obi at Chelsea fc?

He has scored no goal for Chelsea to date.

How many goals have mikel obi scored for Chelsea?

He ha scored no goal for Chelsea to date

How many goals scored in 2010 world cup to date?

133 goals (as on 5 July 2010)

How many tries has Habana scored in his rugby career?

Bryan Habana has scored 31 tries to date for the Springboks.

How many goals have Everton scored in the Premier League?

Everton has scored 825 goals in the English Premier League as of October 20th, 2009.For up-to-date statistics visit and go to the 'statistics' and choose 'all seasons' and 'goals scored'.

How many goals has lionel Messi scored in his professional years at Argentina?

To date (12th May 2012), Messi has scored 22 goals for Argentina, in 68 appearances. He has also previously scored 11 goals for the Argentina Under-20s team, and 2 goals for the Under-23s team.

How many goals does team Selanne have?

Career total to date: 631.

How many goals has Raul scored for Real Madrid?

Raúl González Blanco, simply known as Raúl, has scored 312 goals for Real Madrid, to date, which is a record number of goals for Real Madrid by a single player.

Amount of goals ronaldo has scored for united?

99 at the moment [date 8/11/08]

How many goals has messi scored up to date?

250. 228 for Barcelona and 22 for Argentina.

How many goals has Wayne Rooney scored for Manchester United in the Premier League?

133 till date

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