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Q: How many goals has dirk kuyt scored for Liverpool?
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What Liverpool players have scored three goals against Manchester United?

Dirk Kuyt scored three goals against Manchester United

Are arsenal better then Liverpool?

Oh yes Arsenal are far better then Liverpool, in Liverpool Gerrard and Torres have to score the goals, with Dirk Kuyt adding now and then. But at Arsenal goals are scored even by gallas and Veermalen who are defenders.

Who scored consolation goal for Liverpool in 2007 champions league final against milan?

dirk kuyt

Who scored first ever goal for Liverpool at wembley stadium?

At The New Wembley Stadium Martin Skrtel,There have been 5 goals Scored at the new Wembley by Liverpool they wre scored by Martin Skrtel,Dirk Kuyt,Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll (Andy Carroll Scored Twice at Wembley)

What is Liverpool dirk kuyt nickname?


Does dirk kuyt play for Liverpool still?


Which player has scored 3 goals against Manchester united?

Dirk Kuyt scored his first ever hat-trick against Manchester United in the 2010/11 season.

Is dirk kuyt good?

Being as he is playing for Liverpool then he must be pretty good!

Who did dirk kuyt score his 50th Liverpool goal against?

Wolverhampton wanderers aka wolves

What religion is dirk kuyt?

Dirk Kuyt is christian

How many players have scored 4 goals in 2009?

As at 12-Jan-2010, five Liverpool players have scored four or more goals in all competitions; Dirk Kuyt - 6 Steven Gerrard - 6 David N'Gog - 6 Yossi Benayoun - 7 Fernando Torres - 12

What is Dirk Kuyt's birthday?

Dirk Kuyt was born on July 22, 1980.

When was Dirk Kuyt born?

Dirk Kuyt was born on July 22, 1980.

How old is Dirk Kuyt?

Dirk Kuyt is 36 years old (birthdate: July 22, 1980).

For what club does Dirk Kuyt play?

As of June 2014, Dirk Kuyt plays for Fenerbahçe, a club in Turkey.

Who are the players who scored hat-tricks agains man united?

Dirk kuyt done it in 2011 (march 06)

Who won between Liverpool vs Manchester United 2011?

Liverpool 3-1, kuyt, kuyt, kuyt, hernandez

What position is dirk kuyt?

Kuyt is a right winger or striker

Who are the Liverpool attackers?

Fernando Torres David NgogDirk KuytRyan BabelAndriy Voronin

Is dirk kuyt a Muslim?


For what country did Dirk Kuyt play in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Dirk Kuyt played for Netherlands in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Where is Fernando Torres's house Madrid Liverpool?

His house is in Woolton, where Andriy Voronin and Dirk Kuyt also live.

Is dirk kuyt gay?


Dirk Kuyt where does he come from?

The Netherlands.

Who is the center stiker for Liverpool?

Fernando Torres is 1st choice, but Dirk Kuyt and Ryan Babel can also play up front. David Ngog is the understudy.