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Up to and including round 14 Buddy Franklin had kicked 42 goals (He didn't play in rounds 6, 11, or 14).

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Q: How many goals has buddy Franklin kicked in 2012 up to and including round 14 2012?
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Who has kicked the most goals in tfl season?

I assume you mean AFL and that is Lance "Buddy" Franklin

How many goals did buddy Franklin kick in his career?

lance has kicked a whopping 305 goals in onlly 102 games lol!! im a hawks supporter GO BUDDY!!

How many goals in total have been kicked by the leading goal kicker in 2008?

98 by Lance "Buddy" Franklin from Hawthorn at the end of Round 21 24/08/08

Who was the last player to kick 13 goals - prior to buddy Franklin?

Jack reiwalt

How many goals did lance Franklin kick last year?

not sure which year was last year but in 2008 he kicked 102 goals to win the Coleman by 3

Who was the last Australian rules player to kick 100 goals in a home and away season?

Well, I'll start the ball rolling, and name at least, the early ones, but there will be others missing, I'm sure: Gordon Coventry Bill Mohr Jack Titus Bob Pratt John Coleman Peter McKenna Peter Hudson Doug Wade Alex Jesaulenko Tony Lockett Jason Dunstall Gary Ablett Matthew Lloyd Tony Modra Ron Todd Kelvin Templeton Bernie Quinlan Lance Franklin Michael Roach Peter Sumich George Moloney Geoff Blethyn Larry Donohue Simon Beasley Malcolm Blight Fraser Gehrig Warwick Capper Brian Taylor

Who has kicked 100 goals in an AFL season?

tony lockett and lance Franklin and Gary ablett snr Matthew Lloyd Wayne Carey

Players who have kicked 99 goals in a season?

Brendon Fevola kicked 99 goals round 22, in the year of 2008

Who was the last person to kick 100 goals for an afl club?

Lance Franklin kicked his 100th goal just in one season 3 weeks ago against Carlton.

How many goals has Matthew Lloyd kicked?

Up till the end of round 6, 2009, Lloydy has kicked a total of 901 goals.

Who has kicked the most goals?

tony lockett

Who was the last person to kick 100 goals in the AFL season?

During just the season, not including finals, Tony Lockette was the top one to kick 107 goals in the AFL in 1998. Then in 2001, for the whole season, including finals, Matthew Lloyd kicked 105.