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Jack reiwalt

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Q: Who was the last player to kick 13 goals - prior to buddy Franklin?
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Who was the last player to score 4 goals in premier league game prior to arshavin?

Frank Lampard

Which one of the following did not serve as a state governor prior to being president?

Franklin Roosevelt

What did Benjamin Franklin do that was significant prior to the American Revolution?

He signed and influenced the Declaration of Independence.

What album was buddy hollys peggy sue on?

Peggy Sue was on Buddy Holly's first and only SOLO album released during his lifetime. It was simply titled Buddy Holly. Not to be confused with 'The Chirping Crickets', credited to the Crickets, which was released prior to the solo album.

What have all presidents attended prior to the inaugural service?

All Presidents since Franklin Roosevelt, with the exception of Nixon, have attended a worship service prior to the Inaugural Service.

When Benjamin Franklin invent glasses?

It's not easy to tell you when Franklin invented glasses, because they were well documented in Europe prior to 1300, i.e. 500 years before Franklin was born. Ben Franklin did invent a number of other things, including bi-focals.

Who was the president before Roosevelt?

William McKinley prior to Theodore RooseveltHerbert Hoover prior to Franklin Delano RooseveltTheodore Roosevelt was the Vice President of William McKinley. When McKinley was assassinated in September of 1901, Roosevelt became President.Herbert Hoover was president just before Franklin Roosevelt .

Who is on the dime coin in the us?

From 1946 to date it's Franklin D. Roosevelt. Prior to 1946 it's Miss Liberty.

What were main imperialstic goals of Japan prior to World War 1?

Expansion, to gain acces to more raw materials.

Did Benjamin Franklin invent the ocular device?

No, but he is credited with inventing the first pair of bifocals - prior to that, people needed two sets of spectacles, one for distance, one for reading. Franklin combined them into one.

Whose face is on 10 cents?

From 1946 to date it's Franklin D. Roosevelt. Prior to 1946 it's Miss Liberty.

When and where was baseball player Mark Prior born?

Mark Prior was born September 7, 1980, in San Diego, CA, USA.

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