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133 till date

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Q: How many goals has Wayne Rooney scored for Manchester United in the Premier League?
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Who earn the most in the premier league?

It is Wayne Rooney, earning £250,000 a week, at Manchester United.

Who is the English premier league highest paid players?

Highest Paid Barclays Premier League playerWayne Rooney Manchester United £250,000 a week

What team does Wayne Rooney play for?

Wayne Rooney is currently playing his club football at Manchester United. He is usually first choice striker and plays alongside either Carlos Tevez or Dimitar Berbatov. At international level he plays for England, he usually plays with Jermaine Defoe, Peter Crouch or Michael Owen.

What league is Manchester United in?

They are in the Barclays Premier League

Who are Manchester United target?

Manchester City in the premier league

How many goals has Wayne Rooney scored for Manchester united in premier league?

164 matches for 71 goalsas oct 5th,09

Who is won the premier league?

Manchester united

Will Manchester united win the premier league?

Manchester united will win the premier league i am positive damian da silva wrote this. awe wesley.

How long has Manchester untied been in the premier league?

Manchester United have been in the Premier League since its inception in 1992.

Who was the highest paid player in the 2010 - 2011 season of the Barclays Premier League?

The league's highest paid player is Manchester United's Wayne Rooney, on £250,000 a week.

How many goals has Rooney scored at Manchester United?

Wayne Rooney has scored 92 league goals and 133 total goals for Manchester United.

Which club is top of the premier league?

Manchester United :( As of 14/2/12, Manchester City sits top of the premier league.