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Wayne Rooney scored 165 goals for Manchester United and 16 goals in the world cup history.

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Q: How many goals has Rooney scored for man utd?
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How many goals have Wayne Rooney scored in all competitions for man utd?

Wayne Rooney has scored how many goals for Manchester United?

How many goals has Wayne Rooney scored at old trafford for man utd?

99 goals

Who has scored the most goals in priemership between Liverpool and man you?


How many goals has paul scholes scored for man utd?

Paul Scholes has scored 150 Goals for Man United

How many goals has Ryan Giggs scored for Man Utd?

Giggs has scored 156 goals for United.

How many goals did Cristiano Ronaldo scored for Man Utd?

He scored 118 goals whilst at Manchester United.

How many goals did Rooney score on his man united debut?


Did Wayne Rooney score 4 goals against roma?

if youre referring to when man utd beat them 7-1 then no. people that scored were rooney, ronaldo(2), carrick(2), Smith, Evra.

How many goals have man city scored this season?


How many goals has ryan giggs scored for man you?


How many goals adebayor scored for man city?


Is Rooney the best player in man utd?

Well technacily on fifa yes, and he has scored the most goals on our 2011 sqaud but i prefer hernandez or nani :)

How many goals has berbatov scored this season for man utd?

Dimitar Berbatov has scored 19 BPL goals and 1 com shield

How many goals has patrice evra scored for Manchester United?

Patrice Evra has has scored three goals for man utd

How many goals has thierry Henry scored against Man United?

He has scored 7 goals against man u, the best his one against them in the 99/00 season

Who is the best man united player?

i would say none but if i had to choose it would either be Wayne Rooney or park ji sung at the moment it would be Wayne Rooney as hes scored most of the goals for man utd this season

How many goals has Robert Pires scored in his Arsenal career?

167 goals...Man he is good!!

How many goals has Owen scored for man united in all competitions?

Michael Owen has scored 7 goals for Manchester United in all competitions

How many goals has Torres scored against man utd?


How many premier league goals have man united scored?


How many goals drogba has scored against man united?


Which player has scored the most goals against man utd?

Ruud Van Nisterooy scored the most goals for man utd

How many goals did van nistelrooy score for man utd?

He scored. 136

How many goals has cirstiano ronaldo scored in 2009?

42 for man utd

How many goals Owen scored in his career for man you?

5 so far

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