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Q: How many goals has Fernando Torres scored with his left foot?
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How many goals messi scored with his right foot this season?


Who scored the most goals in 2002 foot ball world cup?

The Brazilian Ronaldo aka R9 top-scored with 8 goals during the tournament, scoring a brace in the final against Germany.

Who scored the most goals for the German national foot ball team during his career?

gerd muller

Is Fernando Torres right or left footed?

He is surely right-footed. He is not as good with his left foot, though he's not bad with it either. But, yes, he is RF.

What are Fernando Torres musical Tastes?

His arm band proved he was a red Torres Torres You'll never walk alone it said Torres Torres we brought the lad form sunny Spain He takes the ball and scores again Fernando Torres Liverpools number 9

How high is Torres?

6 foot 2

What foot is Fernando Toress?


How tall is Torres?

6 foot 1(185 metres)

What does a hat trick in soccer mean?

A hat trick is the accomplishment of a player scoring three goals in the same game (some definitions also require the goals to be consecutive). Its use to describe this achievement originates with cricket in England, when a player who took three wickets in a row was given a special hat to commemorate it, and is now used in virtually every sport.there is also 'The perfect hat trick'where a player scores with his left foot, right foot and a header,in any order basically, if u score 3 goals in one game u got a hat trick

What legendary soccer player scored many hat tricks of which one was scored of a goal with this head then his left foot and the third with his right foot?

It is the Croatian footnaller Ivica Olic at Bayern verses Lyon.

How scores the mmost goals in the world cup?

with his foot...

Who scored in a European cup final with a broken foot?

I now know it was Dietmar Hamann.