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Q: How many goals had Wayne Rooney scored againt everton?
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How many goals has Wayne Rooney scored profesinaly?

Wayne Rooney has scored 136 career goals 92 for Manchester united, 15 for Everton an 26 for England.

How many goals has Wayne Rooney scored against everton?

He never managed to score against Everton yet

How many Premier League goals has Wayne Rooney scored?

As at 11-Jan-2010, Wayne Rooney has scored a total of 94 Premier League goals in 243 appearances. 15 for Everton and 79 for Manchester United.

How many seasons did Wayne Rooney play for everton?

2 Seasons between 2002-2004 played 67 games and scored 15 goals for Everton.

What clubs has Wayne Rooney played for?

Wayne Rooney has played for Manchester United and Everton.

What is Wayne Rooneys favorite team?

being from Liverpool Wayne Rooney's favourite team was Everton FC and he first played for them and scored a hat trick on his opening game!

What is Wayne Rooney's 1st club?

Rooney's 1st club was Everton.

What date is Wayne Rooney's birthday?

Wayne Rooney was born on 25th October 1985 in Everton, England

When did Wayne Rooney join everton?


Who did Wayne Rooney support as a child?


How many yellow cards has Wayne Rooney got this season?

Wayne rooney got a yellow card againt swansea on this day.

How much was Wayne Rooney transfer fee?

Wayne Rooney transferred from Everton to Manchester United in 2001 for £2.5million

Which team Wayne Rooney played before man utd?

Wayne Rooney played for Everton before Manchester United.

Who has played for Manchester united and everton?

Wayne Rooney

What year did Wayne Rooney leave everton?


When did Wayne Rooney scored his 100th league goal?

Wayne Rooney is cool

Who is scored more goals this season Wayne Rooney or drogba?

Wayne Rooney

How many goals has Wayne Rooney scored in the premier league?

Wayne Rooney has scored 171 goals in the premier league.

How much did everton pay for Wayne Rooney?

Everton did not buy Wayne Rooney he was part of their youth programme and gained a place in their first team before eventaully being sold to Manchester United.

How many teams has Wayne Rooney played for?

Wayne Rooney played for Manchester United and Everton.

From which club did Wayne Rooney get transferred to Man U?


What club did Wayne Rooney play for in 2002?

Everton FC.

What did Wayne Rooney do after school?

he went straight to everton after school

How much was Wayne Rooney sold for from Everton?

30 million

Did Wayne Rooney get traded from man you?

Wayne Rooney went to Man Utd from Everton at the age of 18 and has stayed at Man Utd since.