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it all depends on what position you play and how good at it you are.

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Q: How many goals does the average soccer player make?
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What Salary do a soccer player make in Intenational Soccer Team?

$1,000,000.00 a game if they score more than 7 goals

How does a soccer player make goals?

It is relatively easy for a soccer player to make goals. However, unlike American football, a soccer player may not use his hands. Goals may be attained by kicking the ball into the goal net, by using one's head to propel the ball, or by using any other body part, such as knees. There have been occasions of soccer players using the buttocks, too!

What does an average Major Leagues Soccer player make as a salary?


How much does a soccer ref make?

On average, you make 25 bucks refing rep soccer

What do you do in the professional soccer player career?

You play soccer. And make money!

How many soccer goals did Diego maradona make?

He scored 311 in his career.

What was the first soccer team to make 10 goals in one games?


How much does the average football or soccer player make in wales iceland Finland Norway and Dubai?

roughly $100,000-$600,000

How much does an soccer player make?

It depends how good the player is.

How much does a pro soccer player in Costa Rica make in salary?

Professional soccer players in Costa Rica do not make as much money as other professional sports players in the US. On average they make around $1,000 a month.

Which player retired in 1997 with a NHL record career goals-per-game average of .823?

When Mario Lemieux first retired in 1997 he had played in 745 games and scored 613 goals. That would make his goals per game average .823.

What is the average salary of pro indoor soccer player?

they make 3,000,000$ a year no joke. they are the highest ever paid because of their rarity.

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