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Q: How many goals did sergio aguero score in the 2016-2017 season?
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How many goals did sergio aguero score last season?

Tevez has scored 43 goals since he was signed at Manchester City.

Who is the best player in the Barclays premier league and why?

If this question is asked during this season which is 2014-2015, in my opinion the best players are always the most hardworking and technically gifted. That person is Sergio Aguero due to his incredible pace and his lust for goals is outstanding

Who is better Klaas Jan Huntelaar or Sergio Aguero?

I think Klaas Jan Huntelaar is a better striker! Klaas is 25 years old and has played 265 games and scored a 179 goals. Sergio is 21 years old and has played 184 games and has only scored 73 goals. So Klaas has played just 81 more games but, has scored 106 MORE goals!!! Sergio's best season was when he scored 24 goals. Klaas scored 36 goals for 2 consecutive seasons running with Ajax. You'll be hard pushed to find anyone who can beat that!

Who has scored the most premiership goals against Arsenal?

Jamie Carragher has scored most goals against Liverpool with 7 own goals.

Who is a better player Carlos Tevez or Kun Aguero?

Although Aguero has more goals, overall, Tevez is the "better" player based on stats from 2010/2011.Having more assists than Aguero and at the same time having almost the same amount of Goals scored as Aguero,Tevez shows that he can be a goal scorer as well as a "team" player, something Aguero seems to lack.

How many career own goals does Sergio Ramos have?


Who is better in defence sergio ramos or jamie carragher?

I feel sergio ramos is better. and he also scores goals, this Carragher does not do.

How many goals has Sergio Ramos scored in his career?


Most goals in a season by Mario Lemieux?

85 goals in 88-89 season.

Most goals in 200910 season?

messi scored 53 goals out of the hole season

How many goals has vanpersie scored this season for arsenal?

12 goals in the season so far.

Most goals in a season?

Coen Dillen in 56/57 season scored 43 goals for PSV.