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Q: How many goals did okocha scored in PSG?
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How many goals have psg scored?


Psg Bolton qatar hull city?

Jay-Jay Okocha

How many clubs in the champions league has zlatan imbrahimavic scored for?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has scored for a record 6 clubs in the Champions league. He has scored for Ajax, Juventus, Inter MIlan, Barcelona, AC Milan and PSG.

Who is jay jay okocha?

Jay-Jay Okocha was a footballer who played, most notably, for Bolton Wanderers from 2002 until 2006. His real name is Augustine Okocha. He was born in Nigeria in 1973, and began his career at Enugu Rangers in his home country. He moved to several low league German teams in the early 90s, before getting a big move to Fenerbahce in 1996. Whilst in Turkey, he scored an incredible tally of 30 league goals in 63 league games (amazing for an Attacking Midfielder). A bigger move soon followed, as Paris Saint Germain of France paid an outstanding $24,000,000 for the Nigerian (Easily the most expensive transfer involving an African player at the time). The move turned sour though, and his 84 league appearances for the French club brought just 12 goals. PSG couldn't find a buyer due to their inflated price tag, and they eventually lost Okocha's services on a free transfer. The 2002 World Cup saw the best of Okocha, and numerous clubs kept eyes on him, but it was Sam Allardyce of Bolton who secured the powerful play-makers signature. Whilst at Bolton, he helped the club to the League Cup final in 2004 (Which they lost). He was also named captain, and finally left the English club after 4 years with a record of 14 goals in 124 games. His silky tricks and skills gained devotion from the Bolton supporters, and he'll forever have a place in their hearts. The powerful Nigerian retired from professional football in 2008 after spells in Qatar and back in England with Hull City. Glad to be of service. If you want more information, type Jay-Jay Okocha into Wikipedia.

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