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Q: How many goals did ally mccoist score for rangers against Celtic?
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How many goals did ally mccoist score against Celtic?


Who has scored the most goals in rangers football?

ally mccoist

How many goals have rangers scored against Celtic in history?


What rangers player scored the most goals against Celtic and how many was it?

The most goals scored in a single league game by a single Rangers player is six - twice by Jimmy Smith (9 - 1 against Ayr United on August 15, 1933 and 7 - 1 against Dunfermline Athletic on August 11, 1934) and once by Davie Wilson (7 - 1 against Falkirk on March 17, 1962).

Who is rangers all time top goal scorer?

Ally McCoist, with 355 goals

How many goals did maurice johnston score for Glasgow rangers against Glasgow Celtic?


How many goals did Alistair McCoist score for Rangers?

Between 1983 and 1998 he made 418 appearances and scored 251 goals.

How much league goals did Alister McCoist score for Glasgow Rangers?

He scored 251 league goals, and a total of 355 in all competitions.

When did Kris Boyd score against Celtic playing for rangers?

Boyd has scored 162 goals for rangers Boyd is the best player for rangerss boydy boy number 9

How many goals did john Collins score against rangers?


What does goals against mean in soccer?

Goals "For" are the ones your team scores. Goals "Against" are the ones scored against your team. The totals are used in tournament group play to determine tie-breakers if point totals are equal. So Goal Difference is Goals 'For' - Goals 'Against'

What year and date did Celtic beat Berwick Rangers in the Scottish Cup?

Celtic and Berwick Rangers met in the Scottish Cup for the first and only time to date on August 9, 1997. Leading 0 - 5 at half time, Celtic put seven goals in total past Berwick, courtesy of Darren Jackson, Henrik Larsson, Regi Blinker, Morten Wieghorst, Andy Thom, and two goals from Simon Donnelly.