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45 in a row at Man Utd.

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Q: How many goals did Torres score 0708 season for Liverpool?
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How many goals did Torres score against Chelsea for Liverpool?

3 goals

How many goals did Torres score against Manchester United for Liverpool?

6 goals

How many headers has Torres score for Liverpool?

Premier League only: of the 61 goals Torres has scored for Liverpool, 12 were with his head.

How many goals did Fernando Torres score for Liverpool Football Club?

In Fernando Torres's four years at Liverpool (2007-2011), Torres had 102 appearances for the club, in which he scored 65 goals.

How many time did Torres score last season?

During the 2009/2010 season Fernando Torres scored 18 goals total. 13 of those goals were scored while playing for Liverpool. The other 5 goals were scored on Spain's international team.

How many games did it take Fernando Torres to score 50 goals for Liverpool?


How much goals will Torres score next season?

I think he should score more goals he did bad last season. Maybe about 15

How many goals did Torres score in the 2008-2009 season?


In all competitions how many goals did Liverpool score last season?


How many goals has Liverpool score in the premier league in the 08 09 season?

they scored 77 goals

How many goals did Fernando Torres score for Atletico Madrid?

In 244 appearances, Fernando Torres scored 91 goals, before he left the club to sign with Liverpool in the summer of 2007.

How many goals did Liverpool score in added time in 2008-09 season?

Liverpool scored a total of 12 goals in the 90th minute of games (the official time of any goals scored in extra time) and had two scored against them. Leading proponents of the late goal are Gerrard and Torres who both scored three goals that season in the 90th minute.

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