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Q: How many goals did Sidney Crosby score in the 2010 Olympics?
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How many goals did Sidney Crosby score in 2008-09?


How many goals did Sidney Crosby score in his hole life?

he is currently at 201 goals ( but we all know that number will be increasing lol)

How many points did Sidney Crosby score in the year 2006 - 2007?

120 points

What time in the game did Sidney Crosby score the winning Olympic goal?

Overtime vs the USA

When did Sidney Crosby score the winning olympic goal 2010?

He scored the goal in the winter Olympics in Vancouver Canada. The game was between team Canada and team America in the mens good hockey final, Crosby scored the winning goal for team Canada

Where did Sidney Crosby score his first goal ever?

october 8 2005 Crosby scored his first NHL goal against the Boston Bruins.

Who was the first American player to score an NHL playoff hat trick?

Real Cloutier in 1979 for the Quebec Nordiques. His first goal was also the first goal for that franchise. Source: This is wrong....... Alex Smart scored three times in his debut for Montreal in 1943 Cloutier was the 2nd to do it.

What is Jarome Iginla most famous for?

Jarome Iginla is a Canadian born hockey player. He was always an outstanding player in the National Hockey League but is probably best known for passing the puck to Sidney Crosby at the Olympics, which allowed Crosby to score the winning goal in overtime against the US and win the gold medal.

How many goals did Daniel sturridge score in the London Olympics?


How many goals did Lionel Messi score in the Beijing Olympics?