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The 2006 World Cup took place in Germany. Brazil managed to score 10 goals throughout the whole of the tournament.

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Q: How many goals did Brazil score in the world cup 2006?
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How many goals did France score in the 2006 world cup?

9 goals.

How many goals did England score in 2006 world cup?

6 goals.

Which country made maximum goals in world cup 2006?


How many goals did Italy score in the 2006 world cup?


How many goals did Brazil score in World Cup history?

Brazil leads the all-time table. Brazil is the only team to have played in every tournament and to have won the World Cup five times. For 1930 through 2006, Brazil has 201 total goals for, 84 total goals against, and 206 total points. Its nearest contender is Germany with 190 goals for, 112 goals against, and 184 points.For more information, go to

How many goals did Cristiano ronaldo score in the 2006 fifa world cup?

I do not think Ronaldo was in the 2006 world cup in 2006.

How many goals did Argentina score in 2006 FIFA World Cup?


How many goals were scored by Fernando Torres in the World Cup?

Fernando Torres didn't score any goals in the 2010 World Cup.He scored 7 goals in the 2006 World Cup Qualifiers and 3 goals in the 2006 World Cup.

Who beat Brazil in the 2006 soccer world cup?

France did by a score of 1 to 0

How many goals did Andrea Pirlo score in the 2006 world cup?

1 goal.

How many goals has kaka scored in world cup?

Kaká has played is 3 FIFA World Cups, and scored just 1 goal. In 2002 he only played in a first round match and did not score any goals. In 2006 he scored his first and only goal of the tournament in Brazil's 1-0 victory over Croatia. In 2010 he did not score any goals.

What individual scored the most goals in the World Cup tournament?

Ronaldo (Brazil) has scored a total of 15 goals in the World Cup. 4 goals in 1998 World Cup 8 goals in 2002 World Cup 3 goals in 2006 World Cup

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