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Usually teams go to Cheerleading camp together to learn their routines, or improve their skills.

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Q: How many girls go cheerleading camp?
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What is a good cheerleading cheer for girls soccer?

go (you still with me?) team

Do you have to be a girl to go to girls camp?

No. You can be a boy and go to a girl's summer camp.

Can dudes go to girls camp?


Can tall girls play cheerleading?

Usually you see short people play cheerleading but if your tall and you really love cheerleading go for it but I'm tall and I stick with volleyball

Where do you go to buy cheerleading uniforms for boys and girls?

you go to a store that sales clothes for gay guys

Is cheerleading concidered a sport?

To some people yes, cheerleading is considered a sport. Especially by athletes, parents, and coaches. However to others, who keep outdated stereotypes alive, cheerleading is a bunch of peppy girls shouting "go team go!"

Is there any all girls camps available?

There are a lot of girls camps out there. However, you are saying that your girl wants to go to a camp with boys and girls, and you are not ready for it. You need to decide what is more important to you first, finding an all-girls camp or allowing your girl to go to a mixed camp where both boys and girls are allowed to attend.

What are 10 rules to cheerleading?

There are many more rules to cheerleading than just 10. for official rules, go to

What is pyramid building in gymnastics?

Pyramids are more for cheerleading. 4 or 5 girls go on the bottom. Then 4 or 3 go on top. 3 or 2 go on top of them. 2 or 1 Go on top. A pyramid of girls!

Where can you go to cheerleading camp?

You can go to and they have a list of National Cheerleaders Association camps and Universal Cheerleaders Association camps for summer and I think through competition season as well.

What are some fun lds girls camp pranks?

Go hunting for snipes

Where did malia obama go to summer camp at?

She went to camp wicosuta for girls in hebron, NH for second session only.

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