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9 games?

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Q: How many games were played in the regular season of 1982?
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How many nfl games made up the regular season in 1982?


How many games made up the nfl regular season in 1982?


In which season did the Milwaukee Brewers win the most regular season games?

Through the 2008 season, that was the 1979 and 1982 seasons when the Brewers won 95 games.

How many games made up the nfl regular season schedule in 1982?


How many games did the regular NFL season last in 1982?

9. A two month strike wiped out 7 games of the regular season in 1982. The strike began after Week 2 (September 19) and the teams did not play again until November 21.

How many weeks did the regular NFL season last in 1982?

The 1982 season was shortened by a strike and lasted for nine weeks.

What is the series record for the Dolphins and the Jets?

The Jets presently lead the series 45-42-1 in regular-season games. The Dolphins have won the only playoff meeting to date, in the 1982 season.

Has Ohio state ever played Baylor in football?

Twice ... in the 1978 and 1982 regular seasons ... Ohio State won both games which were played in Columbus.

Who won the Most regular season games in a row in the NFL?

Indianapolis Colts (2008-2009) won 23 regular season games in a row. The New England Patriots won the most games in a row, including the playoffs (21). The Canton Bulldogs had 25 games in a row without defeat in 1921-1923. Wrong the philadelphia eagles won like 28 games in 1982

Why did the NFL play 9 games in 1982?

There was a players strike that wiped out seven games in the 1982 season.

Who made the playoffs and had the fewest wins in nfl history?

That would have been during the strike season of 1982. Only 9 games were played during the regular season and the NFL expanded to playoffs to include 8 teams per conference. This was the only season a team with a winning percentage under .500 made the playoffs (the Lions and Browns were both 4-5). Since the NFL went to a 16 game schedule in 1978, other than the 1982 strike season the fewest games a playoff team has won is 8.

Who has managed the most games without winning the world series?

Gene Mauch who managed in 3942 regular season games between 1960-1982 and 1985-1987 for the Phillies, Twins, Expos, and Angels.

Who was the broncos quarterback before john elway?

In the 1982 season, the season prior to Elway's arrival, Steve DeBerg started 5 games, Craig Morton started 3 games, and Mark Herrmann started 1 game (only 9 games were played in the 1982 season due to the strike). DeBerg and Elway shared the QB duties during the 1983 season before Elway took over as full time starter in 1984.

How many games did cal ripken jr play between 1982 and 1998?

2709 ... 2681 regular season and 28 playoff (8 ALDS, 15 ALCS, 5 World Series).

Has there always been a two week delay between the end of the playoffs and the Super Bowl?

Yes. There have been two seasons when there was only a one week delay. Those were the 1982 season, due to the player's strike when only 9 regular season games were played and the NFL added extra teams and an extra week to the playoffs, and the 2001 season, due to the week missed because of the 9/11 attacks.

What year did Archie Manning play for Houston oilers?

Manning was traded by the Saints to the Oilers during the 1982 season. He started 5 games for the Oilers in 1982 and 3 games in the 1983 season before being traded to the Minnesota Vikings.

What was tony gwynns rookie year?

1982 ... Tony played in 54 games and had 190 at bats in 1982. He hit .289 with 12 2B, 2 3B, and 1 HR. It was the only season he had a batting average less than .300.

How many Points did Wayne Gretzky get in one season for a NHL record?

In 1981 - 1982 he had 212 regular season points. 92 goals and 120 assists.

Longest run from scrimmage in a regular season?

Tony Dorsett of the Dallas Cowboys ran for a 99 yard TD against the Minnesota Vikings in the 1982 season.

How many points did Wayne Gretzsky have in 1982-1983?

Wayne Gretzky had 71 goals and 125 assists for 196 points and 59 penalty minutes in 80 games during the 1982-1983 Regular Season. He also had 12 goals and 26 assists for 38 points and 4 penalty minutes in 16 games in the Stanley Cup playoffs that same year.

How many Super Bowls did the Redskins win in strike years?

The Redskins won Super Bowls in two strike years. In 1982, the players went on strike and seven games were cancelled. The Redskins wound up the regular season at 8-1 and defeated the Dolphins in Super Bowl XVII 27-17. In 1987, the players went on strike and one game was cancelled and three other games were played with replacement players. The Redskins wound up the regular season with an 11-4 record and defeated the Broncos in Super Bowl XXII 42-10.

What Super Bowl champion scored the fewest regular season points?

When the NFL played a 14 game schedule (through Super Bowl XII), that was the 1974 Pittsburgh Steelers (Super Bowl IX winner) who scored 305 regular season points. Since the NFL moved to a 16 game schedule in 1978, and not including strike seasons (1982 and 1987), that was the 2000 Baltimore Ravens (Super Bowl XXXV winner) who scored 333 regular season points.

What happened in American football from 1970 to 2000?

1) The Miami Dolphins went undefeated in the 1972 regular season and won the Super Bowl. They are the only team in NFL history to have gone the regular season and playoffs without a loss for a season. 2) The San Francisco 49ers played in five Super Bowls and won all five. 3) The Buffalo Bills played in four consecutive Super Bowls and lost all four. 4) There were strikes in 1982 and 1987 that interrupted the season. In 1987, owners hired 'replacement players' to play in place of the striking players. 5) The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost every game they played in the regular season in 1976.

What was the final score of Super Bowl 17?

The final score of Super Bowl XVII was Washington Redskins 27, Miami Dolphins 17. The game was played on January 30, 1983 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA. The 1982 season was shortened by a 57-day player's strike. There were only 9 regular season games, followed by a 16-team playoff on four consecutive January weekends.

Who won between the Dolphins vs patriots 1982?

The Patriots and Dolphins met twice in the strike shortened 1982 season. In the regular season (December 12, 1982), the Patriots defeated the Dolphins 3-0. In the first round of the playoffs (January 8, 1983), the Dolphins defeated the Patriots, 28-13.