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Q: How many games were played in the 2011 Rugby World Cup?
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How many games will be played at the 2011 Rugby World Cup?

A total of 48 matches will be played at the 2011 Rugby World Cup, between September 9 and October 23.

Is Ireland playing in the Rugby World Cup 2011?

Yes, Ireland played in the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

Is there any rugby games for playstation 3?

no Yes, HB Studios are releasing a rugby game in 2011 for the Rugby World Cup, called Rugby 2012.

How many Games have Argentina played in the rugby world cup 2011 so far?

They have played 4 matches up to and including 7-10-2011 their next game is against the All Blacks on 9/10/2011

Which is better Rugby World Cup 2011 or Rugby Challenge?

It's all a matter of opinion. If you like hard games, go for Rugby Challenge, because it's much more challenging than World Cup 2011. They are both high quality games anyway.

What is date for next rugby league world cup?

It will be played in 2011 in New Zealand.

In which country will the 2011 rugby world cup be held?

I think it will be played in Republic of Ireland.

Who is new zealand playing against in their first game in 2011 world rugby games?


What country is due to host the 2011 rugby world cup?

New Zealand will hoist the world Rugby world cup in 2011.

Which country wanted to organize the 2011 rugby World cup?

New Zealand is hosting the 2011 Rugby World Cup

How many teams are competing at rugby world cup 2011?

There are 20 teams competing in the 2011 rugby world cup.

When is the men's rugby World Cup?

There final pool games are in New Zealand starting September 9 2011.