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theyve won 383 and lost 377

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Q: How many games have the chargers won and lost?
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How many games have the San Diego Chargers won?

The Chargers have won 363 games (including postseason).

Who are in the playoff games for the 2009 season?

falcons at cardinals falcons lost, eagles at vikings eagles won, colts at chargers chargers won, ravens at dolphins ravens won, steelers, titans, giants, panthers.

How many games has the Arizona Cardinals won and lost?

25 differebt games won and 7 games lost

How many games have the San Diego Chargers won in 2011?

Two out of three.

How many times did the Chargers and the Raiders win the Super Bowl?

Raiders won 3 out of the 5 Super Bowls they were in and the Chargers lost the only one they were in.

125 soccer games they won 15 more games than they lost how many games did they win?

They won 70 games. And lost 55.

When did the raiders last defeat the chargers?

As of the 2008 season, that was September 28, 2003 when the Raiders defeated the Chargers, 31-28, in overtime. Since then the Raiders have lost nine straight to the Chargers. At the end of the 2008 season The Chargers won both games bringing the total to 11!

If a baseball ream played twenty games and they won four games more than they lost how many games did they win?

They won 12 games and lost 8.

How many games have Venus Williams won over the years?

how many games has venus Williams won and lost

How many times have the chargers won the cowboys?

Dallas leads the series six games to three.

Who has won more games between the chargers and raiders?

Raiders 3 Superbowls and Chargers 0 lol

How many games have the patriots won in 2011?

They have won 12 and lost 3

How many times has the raiders beaten the chargers?

54 times the raiders won, lost to them 40 times and tied them twice

How many times have chargers won the raiders in the NFL history?

Chargers have beat the Raiders 44 times. Raiders have beat the Chargers 54 times and there has been 2 tied games in these teams NFL history.

How many games has the cardinals won in 2012?

the cardinals have won 57 games and lost 49 as of august 3rd

How many games has ravens won in 2010?

They've won 9 and lost 5

How many championships have San Diego Chargers won?

In 1963 they won the AFL championship. In 1994 they were champions of the AFC, and therefore went to the Super Bowl, but lost to the 49ers.

How many softball games has Jennie Finch won?

2930 games and 202 games lost

How many time have the redskins played the chargers?

Nine times. The Redskins won the first six meetings and have lost the last three.

How many times have the Chargers beaten the Raiders?

The Chargers have beaten the raiders 39 times in 97 tries. However they have won the last 9 games in a row (2003-2007)

What Peter, Emma, and Kyler played chess with each other. Peter won 4 games and lost 2games. Emma won 3 games and lost 3 games. If Kyler lost 3 games, how many gamesdid he win?

No "What", I had to just do that

How many games have the Red Sox won this season?

The Red Sox won 95 games and lost 67 in 2009.

What is 1-0?

it is the game winning record the # on the left means how many games a team won and the # on the right means how many games the team lost so they won 1 game, and lost 0

How many games have the New Orleans saint won in 2010?

won 4 lost 3

If i played 139 games and i won 89 games how many games did i lose?

you lost or tied 50