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The Cleveland Indians lost 69 games.

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Q: During the 2005 regular season which of these MLB teams lost more games The Indians Phillies Cardinals or Angels?
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How many years did vic power play MLB?

12 (1954-1965) for the Athletics, Indians, Twins, Angels, and Phillies.

What baseball teams made it to the playoffs?

NL: Phillies, LA Dodgers, Cardinals, RockiesAL: Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, and whoever wins the Twins/Tigers playoff game

What state has two MLB teams?

New York has the Yankees and the Metropolitans ... California has the Giants , Angels, dodgers, Padres and the Athletics ... Texas has the Rangers and the Astros ... Pennsylvania has the Phillies and the Pirates ... Chicago has the Cubs and the White Sox ... Florida has the Marlins and the Rays ... Ohio has the Indians and the Reds ... Missouri has the Cardinals and the Royals ...

Last decade's worth of world series winners?

'02 Angels '03 Marlins '04 Red Sox '05 White Sox '06 Cardinals '07 Red Sox '08 Phillies '09 Yankees '10 Giants '11 Cardinals

What states have more than one MLB franchise?

New York (Yankees & Mets), Pennsylvania (Phillies & Pirates), California (Dodgers, Padres, Angels, Giants & A's), Illinois (Cubs & White Sox), Ohio (Indians & Reds), Missouri (Cardinals & Royals), Florida (Marlins & Rays, and Texas (Rangers & Astros).

Winners of last 50 world series?

As of 2014 the last World Series winner was the Boston Red Sox. Other teams include Giants, Cardinals, Yankees, Phillies, Marlins, and Angels.

2009 World Series angels Yankees vs Phillies dodgers?

Yankees and Phillies and Yankees will sweep Phillies 4-0.

What are MLB team names?

Athletics, Angels, Marlins, Mariners, Giants, Rangers, Tigers, Pirates, Phillies, Brewers, Cardinals, White Sox, Red Sox,Yankees, Mets, Rockies, Dodgers, Reds, Royals, O's, Indians, Blue Jays, Nationals,Cubs, Rays, Astros, Twins, Diamondbacks, Padres, and Braves

Who has won gold gloves in national league and American league?

Some are ... 1) OF Jim Edmonds - Angels (1997-1998) and Cardinals (2000-2005). 2) OF Dave Winfield - Yankees (1982-1985, 1987) and Padres (1979-1980). 3) OF Tommie Agee - White Sox (1966) and Mets (1970). 4) 1B J.T. Snow - Angels (1995-1996) and Giants (1997-2000). 5) P Bobby Shantz - Yankees (1957-1960) and Pirates (1961), Pirates/Cardinals (1962), Cardinals (1963), and Cardinals/Cubs/Phillies (1964). 6) P Jim Kaat - Twins (1962-1972), Twins/White Sox (1973), White Sox (1974-1975) and Phillies (1976-1977). 7) C Bob Boone - Angels (1982, 1986-1988), Royals (1989) and Phillies (1978-1979).

Who played in the last ten World Series?

2002 - Angels defeat Giants in 72003 - Marlins defeat Yankees in 62004 - Red Sox defeat Cardinals in 42005 - White Sox defeat Astros in 42006 - Cardinals defeat Tigers in 52007 - Red Sox defeat Rockies in 42008 - Phillies defeat Rays in 52009 - Yankees defeat Phillies in 62010 - Giants defeat Rangers in 52011 - Cardinals defeat Rangers in 7

How many times were the Boston Red Sox shutout in 2011?

11 times ... twice by the Rangers and Rays and once by the Blue Jays, Phillies, Tigers, Angels, Mariners, Athletics, and Indians.

All Major League Baseball team names?

Red sox Yankees rays blue jays orioles White Sox twins Indians tigers royals rangers mariners angels A's mets phillies marlins braves nationals brewers cubs astros reds cardinals pirates dodgers giants diamondbacks rockies padres

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