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5 games, 4-2 against the Blazers. Swept the Lakers then, 4-1 against the Thunder. Finally, 4-2 against the Heat they went on to win the 2011 NBA Finals.

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Q: How many games have the Mavericks lost in 2011 Playoffs?
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Was Miami Heat down 2 to 1 in the playoffs against the Dallas Mavericks?

No, Miami Heat did not face Dallas Mavericks in the 2010 playoffs. They went up against the Boston Celtics in the first round where they had lost 4-1. Meanwhile the Dallas Mavericks faced up the San Antonio Spurs where they also lost.

Did Miami Heat win in 2011?

no they lost to the Dallas Mavericks

How far did the Dallas Mavericks get in the 2006 Playoffs?

They won the Western Conference Finals but lost the country Finals againt Miami Heat.

How many games did the Atlanta Falcons win in the season of 2011?

They won 10 of their 16 games, they made it to the playoffs that year but lost to the New York Giants

What team ended the Phoenix Suns run and knocked them out of the 2006 NBA Playoffs?

The Suns lost to the Mavericks 4-2 in the 2006 Western Conference Finals.

Who won the sixers game on March 1 2011?

On March 1, 2011, the Sixers lost to the Dallas Mavericks 101-93.

How many home playoffs games has Tim duncan lost?


How many finals have the Dallas Mavericks played in?

Two: 2006 and 2011, both against the Miami Heat. They lost the first series in six games but won in 2011 in a six-game series as well.

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Are the flames going to make the 2011 play offs after they just lost to Anaheim?

They still have four games left, they still have a chance at making the playoffs. if they keep trying to win and they do

Who did the Pittsburgh Steelers lose to in the 2011 playoffs?

In the 2011 playoffs, the AFC Wild Card game was played on January 8, 2012.The Steelers lost to the Denver Broncos in overtime, 29-23.

What is the most wins in a season for the dallas mavericks?

67 (and 15 losses), which they did in the 2006-2007 season. That was the year they infamously lost to the eighth seed Golden State Warriors in the first round of the playoffs.