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Q: How many games has luongo won?
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How many olmypics did luongo compete in?

Canadian ice hockey player Roberto Luongo has competed in two Olympics, the 2006 Winter Games in Turin and the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. He won a gold medal with the Canadian team at the 2010 Games.

How many Stanley cups have Roberto Luongo won?


How many games had Massimo Luongo played with Australia before the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Massimo Luongo had played 1 time for Australia before the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

How has Roberto Luongo done at the games?

i think he has done well

How many games they won this season?

how many games the the 2012 eagles won

What is Roberto Luongo famous for?

Roberto Luongo is a Canadian professional ice hockey goaltender. He plays for the Vancouver Canucks. He won the NHL All-Star in 2004 and 2007. He was born in Montreal in 1979.

What is Roberto luongo's wife's name?

Roberto Luongo's wife is Cheyyan Luongo

How many Olympic games has Roberto Luongo been in?

1 because when Sidney crosbey scored, he was the goalie for the Canadian team! AMERICA SUCKS!

How many games has Pele won?

He has won 46 games

How many games have the Bengals won?

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How many awards did Luongo win?


How many games have Kobe Bryant won?

58 games he won

How many games has LeBron James won?

134,678 games he has won

How old is luongo in 2011?

Luongo is currently 32 :)

How many soccer games has Venezuela won?

Venezuela has won 50 games.

In what year did the Maple Leafs come from three games down to win the Stanley Cup?


How many games have Venus Williams won over the years?

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What is Roberto Luongo's middle name?

Roberto Luongo Snchiz

When was Gerald Luongo born?

Gerald Luongo was born in 1938.

How many bowl games has Alabama won?

Alabama has won 26 bowl games.

How many total games has Alabama won in college football?

They have won 345,983 games.

How many games the patriots won in 2009?

The Patriots won 10 games in 2009

How many softball games were won?

Accordin to some softball players that have played and won alot of games .. ove 50,000 games have been won.

How many games has the Arizona Cardinals won and lost?

25 differebt games won and 7 games lost

How many games have Brazil won in the fifa world cup?

They have played 94 games and won 64 games.